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Update - Downloadable Content is now available on XBox Live for Midtown Madness 3!

Trasher - Car Pack 1           Welcome to XBLive Game Spot! This site was started by two hard-core XBox fans who love to play online - especially Midtown Madness 3. Our team of website creators has now grown to include others who're also big Xbox fans. This site is set up to help you have an even more exciting gaming experience by expanding the gameplay options. As of yet, we have only posted Game Modes for Midtown Madness 3 but you can expect other interesting game modes for other games. Read on to find out more...

Shopper - Car Pack 1

           We've come up with a whole bunch of new game modes that anyone can try. Unlike the original "Hunter" or "Capture the Gold" multiplayer game modes, most of ours are played in Cruise mode. They're fun little challenges or races that any number of players can play. We also have a list of suggested Role Playing Scenarios which can also be quite amusing for anyone. So come on in and check it out!

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