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Hamachi Hamachi is program that allows you to create virtual network (LAN) via Internet (TCP/IP). It gives ability to use almost any features of LAN (Shared documents, LAN gaming etc.) Have to remind that bandwidth WILL NOT exceed your Internet connection bandwidth.

Program can be downloaded here:

After launching Hamachi will look like this (except IP addresses and names)

Program activated by pressing button <1>. To join network press <3> then Join Existing network and enter network name and password. For test you can use network "DarkCryTestNet" with "123" password.Test network always works (as and any other if main Hamachi server is online) but not always there will be someone.

Maximum number of users for network is limited by 16 for free service. So if u won't use this network anymore you should right click on network name and press "Leave Network".

Other Hamachi public networks can be found here

or here

List of Hamachi compatible Applications can be found here . List was created not long ago but renewed constantly

If you want to create your own network - press <3>, then "Create new network". Then specify network name and password.

To access program options press <4>.

In options you should enter your nickname and if you want to use shared folders you should turn off vulnerable windows processes blocking in security tab .

Hamachi connects to a central server on ports 12975 and 32976 using TCP. First port is used for a initial contact, second - for an actual session. It also uses dynamic local and remote UDP ports for communicating with other Hamachi peers. What you can do is to fix local UDP port. Open Hamachi Preferences, System page and enable Magic Option in Troubleshooting section. The number next to it is UDP port value.

(copyed from

If you see yellow dot next to other users name it means that program can not establish direct connection (tunnel). This problem can be cused by your firewall or router. To set up firewall look in our Norton setup topic or on official Hamachi forum "How to" page

To solve problems cused by router read instructions from for your router.

To play games you and your friends have to be in same network. In game pick LAN connection!

By clicking right mouse button on user's name in main program window you can Browse his shared folders (if he have any), check his Ping (if ping not passing then you can have problems in games), send him a message(Send Message)(with default settings when message is received Hamachi tray icon starts blinking) or even block him.If you created this network you can kick (Evict) user from network or delete network at all.

The following steps configure NIS-2005 to allow all traffic between the local machine and all other (Hamachi) machines.

1. right-click on NIS system tray icon, select open norton internet security
2. select norton internet security, select status & settings
3. select personal firewall, click configure
4. select advanced tab, click general
5. click add, select permit, click next
6. select to and from, click next
7. select only computers and sites listed below, click add
8. select using a network address, type in a first field, in second, close dialog
9. click next
10. select tcp and udp, select all types of communications, click next
11. click next
12. name the entry, click next
13. select appropriate option, if not sure - check all
14. click next, click finish

You should now be back to Rules List window. Select newly added rule and move it all the way up.

To add similar ICMP (Ping) support, create another rule repeating all steps, but specify ICMP protocol instead of tcp and udp select ICMP on step <10> .

Instructions for other firewalls tune up can be found here (thnx to "apankrat" and others for posting)

PLease feel free to leave you questions or comments in guestbook or poll comments

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2. Ingame messenger (communicate from ingame to your friends outside)X-Fire

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