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Making Screen Captures

With Windows Paint

To capture your entire screen, press the Print Screen key on your keyboard.

See Keyboard Screenshot

After hitting the Print Screen key, open Windows Paint.

Click on Edit and choose, "Paste".

Follow the instructions in the next screen shot.

See Paint Screenshot

If you want to capture an open dropdown menu, open it and then hit the Print Screen key.

To capture active windows press ALT + Print Scr.

With Paint Shop Pro 7

Paint Shop Pro 7 will capture cursors.

Click on the PSP picture to visit the PSP 7 website.

Click Here To Visit PSP Website

See PSP 7 Screen Shot #1

See PSP 7 Screen Shot #2

With IrfanView

You can capture cursors too with IrfanView.

The interface is similar to the PSP capture options.

It is Freeware.
You can also open a tiny picture with it & convert it to a Windows .ico file.
Icons are usually 32X32 or 16X16.
A lot of image editing programs have a "Smart Resize" or some kind of resizing option that makes a better quality resized image.
Before resizing an image, check your program out to see if such an option is available.

It also can open .PDF images.
It gives a warning that the file has a wrong extension & wants to know if you want to rename it to a .jpg.
You say OK.
Now the file is corrupted!!!
Oh No!!!
Not to worry!!!
Just "Save As" .jpg or whatever & reopen it.
The new saved image is NOT corrupted.
This is an easy way to manipulate .pdf images.

NEW-- Added 3-30-05

View the PDF with Acrobat Reader.
Use the Snapshot Tool to clip out a picture.
The tool copies the selected area to Clipboard.
(It looks like a tiny camera in the Reader toolbar)

Open Irfanview and Paste it in.
Save as a .jpg file in My Documents or where ever.

When using the Snapshot Tool just use it like most area screenshot tools.
Place the crosshair cursor at the top left of the area to be copied & press the left mouse button & drag to the right & down to to the bottom right area of the part you want copied.

With Capture

Click here to download Capture

See Screenshot

Open Capture and follow the instructions in the screen shots.

See Screenshot 1

See Screenshot 2

See Screenshot 3

See Screenshot 4

With ImagoWeb

Click here to download my copy of ImagoWeb with area screen capture

Extract it to a Folder in your Program Files.

You need to extract it to a new folder because it contains an .EXE file & several .DLL files.

It is best to extract it to a folder so all the files are in the same folder & not in Program files.

It is best to extract any multi-file .ZIP to a folder of its' own so everything is contained in THAT folder to hold down confusion when you look at the files contained in your Program Files.

If you just extract a multi-file .ZIP to Program Files chances are you won't know what files go with the .EXE file.

But if you extract a .ZIP to a folder all the files associated with it will be in one place separate from all your other files.

When saving images with ImagoWeb don't add a .jpg or .gif or .bmp to the file name.

Otherwise you will end up with something like dog.jpg.jpg.

Open ImagoWeb and click on Edit/Screen Capture/Area and follow the instructions in the screen shots.

See Screenshot 1

See Screenshot 2

See Screenshot 3

See Screenshot 4

See Screenshot 5

See Screenshot 6

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