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Fair Tycoon


    Welcome to the ultimate RCT site!, well not actually. I just got RCT. My friend is making a site that focuses on realistic and fantasy coasters, go here to see his page. My page focuses on parks. you can download a park, or download the ride from the park.


    If you download anything from this site, you need the Drexler patch. To make all my rides / parks, I used RollerCoaster Tycoon + Loopy Landscapes. I used a trainer called "DragonsIOA Trainer 5.0". If you don't know what a trainer is: a trainer is a program that lets you cheat in a game. It edits you game file to give you an instant $50,000 or give you All Rides And Attractions. But the programmers of RCT decided to put in a cheat lock. Using a trainer will cause the game to crash, and if you save the saved game file will be "corrupt". The patch fixes those problems. To use any of my files, you need the patch. You can get at my friends site as well., go here if you need one.

Other Stuff:

    Fair Tycoon is a game I am programming. Go to the link to find out more.

*Note: If you tried the link to my friends site, it may take you to an unfinished page. He has not posted it yet (I think)