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10/11/2003: 9:04 PM
Just about sums it up really, as i was uploading the tables onto the website, my computer decides it doesn't want to play any more, and since i know **** all about computers that meant sending it to PC world to get it fixed.
So its fixed now and ill have those tables up at some point tommorow.

26/10/2003: 12:13 AM
It begins.
Right, i have assesed what i want to do and what i think i can actually do.

I'm considering a VI part of the site but i'm going to work on finishing the MTW part first - noteably the unit characteristics - however rather than put them in JPG format with those horrible backgrounds i have decided to do all the new ones as simple text tables, however i will leave the ones i have already done untouched.

Also i am going to update my links page and resort which ones of them are still worth visiting, add some new ones and get rid of ones which are not.

After i have done that (should take a couple of weeks at my work rate), i am going to make a start on a VI section of the site and probably a R:TW one after that, but i make no promises.

As usual i will be on the lookout for good articles for the hints and tips section, and i will write up a few of my own if i can get the time, but as i say this will be after i have sorted out the Unit tables.

23/10/2003: 10:53 AM
I'm back (no really, i am this time).
Okay, so its been well over a year since i have updated the site, truth is i forgot all about it, however, as i kept getting Emails telling me they like the site i decided to start up again, but then i couldnt remember how to log in to update the site, but after almost a month of trying, brain scratching and other stuff, i figured out how to click the "forgotten password?" button... anyways i'm back, ill probably spend the rest of the week figuring out what needs to be done and planning out how im gonna do them, and next week actually getting something done.

Welcome, Welcome to My Extremely Humble Medieval Total War site, here i plan to gather as much information on the game as possible and relay it to the masses of people who visit here... thats right both of you.

If you are unsure as to what Medieval:Total War is then i will tell you now. It is a strategy game, not just any strategy game, not an AOK clone, not An Attempted rip off of Civilisation 3...

This, ladies and gentlemen. Is the last Strategy game you will ever play... again.

It is the follow up to the legendary Shogun:Total War which quickly became known as the most innovative Strategy game for a long time. Its thrilling combination of real time and turn based strategy, combined with a stunning array of units, and a superb set of battlefields made it famous.

Now, its follow up, has expanded this, not like AOK expanded AOE, oh no... its far bigger than that.

some of the game features include Epic scale 3D battles With hundreds of distinct battlefields from the lush farmlands of Western Europe to the arid deserts of Northern Africa.

Spectacular Castle Sieges seeing you Pound castles into the dust with a vast array of siege weaponry, including: Siege Cannons, Mangonels and Ballistae.

12 playable factions and over 100 different unit types including Deadly Scottish Highlanders, and the famous English Longbowmen, Genoasi Sailors, Each faction has its own distinct playing styles and includes nations like the English, the Holy Roman Empire, the Byzantines, the French and the Turkish.

Take comand of famous Historical Heros - including Richard the Lionheart, Joan of Arc, Saladin and Frederick Barbarrosa, and engage in historical campaigns including, The Hundred Years War, The Crusades and fight off The Golden Horde of the Mongols.

RPG-style character development - Kings, Generals and Heirs develop vices, virtues and abilities that reflect their actions throughout the campaign.

Custom Battles, which see you Fighting one-off battles in any province - Set a budget for attackers and defenders, set up soldiers for two armies, and slug it out on the battle map of your choice! This is a great way of perfecting your battlefield tactics.

Using the skills you learn from such battles, you can take them over to Multiplayer, find yourself an opponent over the net, or play a mate over your LAN network, unfortunatly campaigns can not be played multiplayer, but considering this would be unfeasable anyway it cannot be held against them.

Fight historical battles against an enemy, go off to the seige of Againcourt, fight side by side with men like Charlamange.

Similarly fight Historical Campaigns, a series of battles covering the career of a great leader, or prehaps and important time in a countries life... fight major battles in the hundred years war.

Battles are recorded, after a battle you can watch your magnificent victory, or in my case try to learn from your defeats ;).

and whats more theres tae be a map editor - make your own battles, build mountains and assault them, throw up the perfect map and have your armies slug it out - have your cake and eat it.

Right, you should have gone out and got yourself a by copy now... if not, why not damn you!!

If you have any complaints or suggestions please email me at click this if it speeds it up for ya.

It is important that i recieve feedback on this site, because any small problem needs to be fixed with anything that might be wrong. Medieval Total War