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Well my tactics are private, but here are some tips and tricks

The Hammerjump

The first thing you do is to load "UnrealTournament/System/user.ini" into your texteditor, it has to be a plain text editor like notepad. Then you find a line which looks similar to this one


Where the number 26 can be any given number, and replace it with this

Aliases[26]=(Command="onrelease jump | onrelease fire",Alias=jumpfire)

You have to make sure that the number stays the same so you don't corrupt the file.
The next step is to find the key, which you want to use as a hammerjump key and after the"=" write the following

getweapon impacthammer | fire | jumpfire

I use the "NumPad1" key and this is what my line looks like

NumPad1=getweapon impacthammer | fire | jumpfire

Now save your user.ini and start Unreal Tournament and try your new move.

The Hammerlaunch
If you use default setting in ut to fire your weapon, this is how you hammerlaunch, else replace with your own keys

Run towards the place where you want to set the launch and click-hold the right mouse button, the click-hold the left mouse button and relaese the right
Stand or crouch where you want to launch teammembers

if you point vertical you do the click-release routine you launch high and if you point diagonal you launch far (remember to point in the direction of your target if you use the hammerlaunch diagonal)

All your teammember has to do now is to run or jump into your hammer while you point approx 30-45 degrees up from groundlevel

here is my ut user.ini file it will give you an ider on how to edit it here

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