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Alliance Against Assholes: Clan Rules
The rules listed below are the "laws" of this clan. Breach in any of them can result in loss of membership. These rules uphold the clan's ideals on fair gameplay and no mercy to those who cheat. The clan rules are as follows:

1. No duping. This includes both the act of duping itself, or the assisting of others in this act. Trading for duped items is not a breach of the rules as there are currently too many duped items to be able to avoid it. Trading knowingly duped items in for clan collection items may however cause for reprimand if it happens too often.

2. No cracks/hacks. Taking advantage of glitches such as the skills hack, "popping", or de-runed items will result in immediate expulsion if caught. Note that the use of "maphack" is not forbidden as it is supposedly harmless and does not affect your characters stats and abilities, but if new versions come out that do ruin the fairness of the game it will become forbidden.

3. No account stealing. Using names like "BlizUpdate" etc and all other methods of tricking people into revealing passwords results in imediate expulsion.

4. No Paypal. Selling Diablo 2 items via E-Bay and Paypal is copyright infringement and software piracy. Any member caught selling any game item for cash will be both expelled, and reported to the Software Piracy .

5. No PK'ing. Duels are only duels if both sides agree, otherwise it is player killing, and not allowed. Coaxing people into duels via insults is also not acceptable. The sole exception to this rule is in reguards to reported scammers. Anyone on the reported scammers list is fair game for any torture you can conjure up.

6. No ripping people off / No newbie abuse. Taking advantage of new players in the trades, or just plain overcharging is the act of a real asswipe. Such people do not belong in this clan and will be expelled if caught. This does not mean you cannot make very profitable trades, but both sides must benefit. IE, no trading low set items (Hsaru's Iron Heel) for 40 chippies etc...

7. No spam posting. Abuse of the copy-paste function is a definite irritant. Spammers make the trade channels impossile to use and generally piss everyone off. Members get three warnings as far as spam is concerned.

Alliance Against Assholes: Clan Ideals
Unlike the rules, the clan ideals are not something we kick out members over. The ideals are just general guidlines of how members "should" act, assuming they still follow all the above rules. The goal of the Alliance is two-fold. First, eliminate undesirable gamers, as evident above. The second part falls in with these ideals as a way to make Battle.Net more of a game than a Machiavellian war over the best items. After all, it is just a game. The clan ideals are as follows:

1. No hoarding. There is no reason to keep items of no use to you. Items well beneath your level that you gather should be added to the clan item pool so they may be of use to other members, or such items should be freely given to those who can use them.

2. No rushing. Half the point of playing the game is playing the game. If someone doesnt consider their character worth the time to level honestly, that character isn't worth our time to help it.

3. No mercinary work.
Merc work is a subtle form of ripping someone off, and almost always involves rushing characters.

4. Use the appropriate channels. Don't trade in the co-op, class specific, or other such channels. There are 4 different trading channels with unlimited rooms in each, there is no reason to shop or sell elsewhere.

5. Leave the friggin gem alone! I saw you click it all those million times, it aint gonna do nuthin special.




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