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Alliance Against Assholes

CLAN NAME: Alliance Against Assholes, The
PLATFORM: Diablo 2; LoD
REALM: Battle.Net, US-East
CLAN CHANNEL(S): "{AAA}", "Adventurers Wanted"
CLAN FOUNDER(S): Kodoku Tamashii (*Kakarot=X=), Carl (*Eccliesiastes1)
WEB DESIGN BY: Cam Lobay of KS Enterprises (*Lord_Khell)

The Alliance Against Assholes (A3) is a clan only in name. Members are not required to pool items, create characters with clan names, or participate in any clan events. Not only that, but Alliance members can still retain membership in other clans if they so choose. The Alliance Against Assholes is mainly a collection of gamers who are fed up with the staggering amount of cheating that goes on in the Battle.Net realms. In order to combat the sheer number of dishonet players online, members are encouraged to randomly harass and/or "PK" these pahetic souls. On top of that, the Alliance site hosts a listing of reported hackers, scammers, bad traders, and so on. Even non-members are free to use this service, and are encouraged to do so.

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