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Planet Orion: the new phase


Homeworld of the Masters...Capital of the Galaxy...Treasure of the Universe...PLANET ORION!



All the cool stuff will be in this section.  Enjoy!


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Some cool Orion facts:

Fact: In addition to MOO and MOO2, there are actually 2 other related games. That’s right! Starlords was the prototype for MOO; but Civilization II had a scenario called “MOO Jr.” that was basically playing a cheapened form of MOO2 on a Civ2 map.

Fact: On April 1st, Orion 2 will give a really weird turn summary message which is a tribute to SimCity, the classic Maxis game. The message will read: Citizens demand a stadium. And more cream of celery soup."

Fact: The Antaran leader on the Star Fortress is called Xyphys, the Antaran Warrior. My sources inform me that he has the same attributes as Loknar, and thus is a tremendous help to the Antaran Defense Force.

Fact:There is another technology in the game, but no one can research it. It is called Phase Shifter. If you have never heard of it, look at the Info menu, then click on Reference, then on Ship Systems. It sounds like a really cool tech!



Here are the final readme's for MOO and MOO2

MOO readme

MOO2 readme


And here are the Planet Orion Poll Winners:

Poll 1- Wish List: Which race should have returned for MOO3?

Winner: Darloks


Poll 2- Best Enemy: Who was the coolest enemy to fight?

Winner: Space Crystal

Poll 3- Regret Poll: What tech or mod should have been left in MOO2?

Winner: Phase Shifter

Poll 4- Final Battle: Loknar vs. Xyphys

Winner: Loknar (by 1 vote!)

Poll 5- Fear Poll: What new innovation in MOO3 concerns you the most?

Winner: Real-Time Battles