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Welcome to the second installment of Planet Orion's My Space.  This month, we have an article by Ezixl, a staunch opponent of the Elerians.





Why the Elerians had to be Removed from the Orion Universe.

By Ezixl.

    The Elerians were the worst thing that ever happened to the Orion universe.  Their telepathic abilities were extremely unfair, and their technology was, well, a joke.  These unfortunate beings rank next to the Psilons in some popularity polls; both races are completely unbalanced.  The Elerians caused a bigger problem, though, that in my opinion forced their removal.

    They were the opposite of everything good from Master of Orion.  

    In the "good old days" when there was only one MOO, the 10 races were all capable of defeating one another.  Though some were probably "better" than others, no race had an unfair strength or a crippling weakness.  Any race was playable, and all were good enough to win.  And science was the driving force- success came from research.  Now along come a bunch of elf-people, with their mysterious powers, mind control, and 1/2 research points.  Suddenly, people began playing a fantasy race, a race where tech was unimportant.  I never did like the power of industry in MOO2, as it somewhat replaced science.  But the Elerians needed neither.  Just build a couple cruisers and go.  I had a difficult time comprehending the Elerians when I first purchased MOO2.  How, I wondered, could you expect to win with a bunch of primitives?   These people were so diametrically opposed to my way of thinking.  

    Now the whole Science vs. Industry argument can be discussed elsewhere; all I will say is that domination should come from better weapons, shielding, and armor, not from the first guy to build Automated Factories.  However, this pathetic Elerian race had the lowest tech potential in the game, and yet they were one of the most dangerous opponents.  This unrealistic, anti-technological group needed to be taken out of future games.  I want to thank Rantz and anyone else who contributed to their removal.  I also want to thank the people who wanted to make the alien races actually seem "alien," since the Elerians were basically ruthless, powered-up human beings.

    MOO3 will hopefully not contain any Elerian-type silliness.  We don't need mind-control, the very concept of which is absurd (a single telepath permanently converts A WHOLE PLANET).  We don't need omniscience (why did omniscient people need to research?  why didn't they just read peoples' minds or else know everything beforehand?).  And we certainly do not need a race so unbalanced.  When people play the Elerians, they basically are playing MOO2 with different rules.  If I played as the Mrrshan, and next game was the Humans, I would do just fine.  Many Elerian-only players who tried this would have too many adjustments to make in the areas of research, planning, and, if I may say so, skill.  I have talked to several Elerian fans, who complain of this fact, saying that after they play the Elerians, they don't like any other race, but they need to find a better race to win with. So MOO3 doesn't need any racial characteristics that are rule-shattering, and the Elerians had far too many characteristics that re-wrote the rules.