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Planet Orion: the new phase


Homeworld of the Masters...Capital of the Galaxy...Treasure of the Universe...PLANET ORION!



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Each month, Planet Orion will bring you an interview, article, or other cool report about MOO3. These are all unofficial, so don't contact the design team about them. Enjoy!

PO:  Hello, Ezixl.  It's good to have you with us!

(laughs) Thanks.

PO:  So, what made you want to start this site?

I wanted a tribute to the older games in the Orion series.  There are many new fans due to the MOO3 interest that has appeared.  I thought that it would be cool to have a site that would span from the earliest days to the latest news.

PO:  Then you think that the Orion series doesn't have enough coverage?

It has had outstanding coverage in the past.  The problem is, only a few sites still exist from MOO2's reign in 1996.  I wanted to give the new MOO3 players some familiarity with the game's history.  There are a few new sites that are outstanding, however; I just wanted to mention that.

PO:  What do you think is the coolest idea in MOO3?

Oh wow.  I'd have to say the 32 races is really awesome; the Orion Senate is a really cool idea too; but probably the coolest thing is the whole experience idea that is behind the game.  I look for this game to be perhaps the deepest game of all time.

PO:  What is the worst idea?

Maybe the worst idea is that the game will have something wrong with it! (Laughs)  Honestly, I don't see anything to worry about, and I hope people don't fret over the real-time combat issue.

PO:  If you could add anything to the game, what would it be?

If I could add something, it would be more extensive use of cloaking devices and cloak detection.  This has always been an area in which most games are lacking, but I'm sure the design team will do a great job with it.  They are an all-star crew.

PO: Thanks, Ezixl.  We must do this again sometime!

Count on it.