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Planet Orion: the new phase


Homeworld of the Masters...Capital of the Galaxy...Treasure of the Universe...PLANET ORION!



The Master of Orion II Legend...


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A new leader did indeed emerge, to rule the galaxy from Orion. After years beyond count, though, this new galactic empire crumbled. In addition to the original ten races, three new spacefaring races appeared on the scene, but all of them were weak following the end of the galactic empire. Centuries passed; centuries that were dominated by another race, the Orion Empire. 

Tales from time immemorial speak of a great and glorious people called the Orions. Almost nothing is known of them, except that they had unbelievable abilities and knowledge. They are believed to have been noble, and though they preferred peace, they were to be feared in war. This Orion race lived on the planet Orion, from which they built their own empire.  Over time, they came to control a vast amount of the galaxy. 

There was just one problem. They were not the only superpower. 

It is whispered that there was another planet, Antares, which was the home of a brutal, vicious race called the Antarans. The most dangerous thing about the Antarans was their advanced military technology, which equaled that of Orion. The reasons for the war they fought are unknown, but perhaps war between them was inevitable. Some say that these empires used whole star systems as weapons. This shows the true power that both empires were capable of. 

Ultimately, the Orions were victorious. At the end of the war, though, this mysterious race made their most unusual decision of all. Rather than destroying Antares, the Orion trapped it in a “pocket dimension,” there to remain forever harmless. All traces of the Orion Empire vanished some time after this, and no one heard from the Orions or Antarans for centuries. Meanwhile, the thirteen races of the galaxy began to expand and grow again. They only found occasional traces of their galactic predecessors, whether artifacts on distant planets or derelict ships in space. All the races knew, however, that the planet Orion held the keys to ultimate power. This world still contained the ancient devices of the Orions, and many warlike races would love to get their hands on Orion weaponry. 

Orion was not deserted, though. There was a single Guardian left there to protect the Orion’s homeworld. As the thirteen races built their cosmic empires, they would soon find out just how strong this ship really was. And they would find out something else; something that they never thought would happen was about to take place. 

Thousands of years is a long time for an enemy to plot a terrible revenge…