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V 0.9 BRPS
Info Page

Please note that this site is under construction.

Sicarius V 0.9 is a role playing game system that is played with paper, dice, and imagination.  Those familiar with games such as TSR's D&D will know what this is.  Is is called a system because it is generic. Sicarius can be used equally well for a fantasy setting or a space opera.  Sicarius is available for free use and distribution as outlined under the copyright.

Can I get Sicarius without printing every web page?
I hope to release Sicarius in several self extracting zip files in various formats,  ( in book form ), yet at this point I do not have a place on the net to store them for downloads, hence the web pages.  I also might be able to sell printed copies myself, ( I do have 8 original printed works left and can run off more ),  yet I would have to cover my cost on these.  These are 132 page books with some poor graphics,  plastic outer covers, a simple map of Akhneera on the world of Tamoor, and are comb bound.  I also have 40 page Reference Volumes and will soon have bound copies of the Tomb of the Occult.  These were  meant for personal use and distribution among friends, yet if you really want one, contact me and I'll give you a price. If enough interest is generated, I might be willing to purchase space for ftp files on the net, or maybe someone out there has an idea.  If so, please contact me.  At this point, the web pages are good for updating purposes.  It makes it easy for me to change or correct a section without affecting the entire format.

What other Sicarius material is available?
See the Modules page.

If you have any questions or comments please email me from the Sicarius Home Page.
Please note that this page is under construction.

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