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Base Role Playing System
Version 0.9

Volume One

Character Creation, Skills, Sorcery, and Combat
Created by and Property of Michael J. Cheney

Copyright 2000 - Michael Joseph Cheney

Permission granted to copy material and redistribute as long as this material is distributed in it's entirety with no additions, deletions, or by combining it with other material. No fee may be charged for the material so distributed. Any deviation from these terms requires prior written consent from the author- See Terms and conditions below.

Michael Joseph Cheney.

Terms and Conditions:
By having a copy of Sicarius V 0.9 in your possession you agree to the following Terms and Conditions.

Sicarius V 0.9 must be copied and distributed in it's entirety, although you may remove any hyper-links, banners, or other non Sicarius V 0.9 BRPS material which has been added to HTML documents used to distribute Sicarius V 0.9 BRPS through electronic mediums.  You may also format it to any desirable text form for personal use.

Sicarius V 0.9 cannot be altered in any way, shape, or form. It must be unaltered, other than as noted above.

Sicarius V 0.9 must be distributed separate from any other material.

Sicarius 0.9 cannot be sold, nor may it be packaged or bundled with other "For Sale" or "Sold" items.

The Author, Michael J. Cheney, holds the Copyright for Sicarius V 0.9

Permission to deviate from the Terms and Conditions listed above must be obtained from the Author in writing prior to said deviation.

Please note that this site is currently under construction.  This notice will be removed at the time of completion. 
At this time Sicarious V 0.9 is only available in web pages at this time. Once V 1.0 is available, I will most likely have a Word version as well as html. Check for all updates. I will most likely have a ftp server sooner or later.  I would recommend using the following procedure for getting the system.

1) Use the Enter Sicarius link at the bottom of this page to view Sicarius 0.9.
2) Note that this may take a few minutes. The HTML file for Sicarius is fairly large.
3) Save the file,(page),with your browser File - Save buttons.
4) Return to the home page or advance to the other Sicarius pages and follow the same procedure.
5) When you have saved all required pages, (files), to your computer you can then open them from an HTML editor like Netscape Composer, MS Word, or whatever.
6) Edit out any unwanted text, ( links, banners, etc.;) Format it into pages if you so desire.
7) Print the page(s) on your printer.

Enter Sicarius