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Payment . . .

Payment is made at the time of pickup.

(half or all) on pickup.

2. Paypal Accepted always.

btw... Paypal Charges us, JRS, for this service now.
You will be responsible for these charges.(Its 2.9 %. Or about $ 6.00 per $ 250.00)

3. If you must use checks OR money orders
I accept them only
that they be Pre- sent AND
the check/m.o
Payment IN FULL
that has
allready cleared
my bank.
(this usually takes 3-10 days)

Why 3- to 10 days???
3 to 4 days for your check to arrive...
5 - 7 days for it to clear....
No exceptions
No  "last-minute" checks on delivery!!!
Too many past problems.
Lastly, gas stations at 3 a.m. dont take 3rd party checks
in the middle of god's country!!

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If you have any shipping questions
please feel free to
email me at...
Jack Rabbit Shipping's

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