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EIR Auxiliary troops

Western Auxilliary Archers

Auxiliary Archers (Foundry) rally around their fearless Tribune. I normally take just one small unit of these because an EIR army isn’t suppose to rain death (not with arrows at least) on the enemy.



Below is the OG Auxillary Command group I painted up for Cold Wars 2004.

Auxiliary Infantry (Old Glory) the EIR list has some of the finest light infantry stats. Used as skirmishers and armed with throwing spears you can easily & quickly clear the field of enemy skirmishers. These figures looked horrible when I first oogled them. I had set aside for a while, then decided needed more Auxiliaries and painted up a few. That is how I learned that figures look much better with paint on them.

Balearic Slingers

Slingers (Foundry) looking for someone to shoot a rock at. I always take a small unit of skirmishers. They are good at harassing the enemy especially when they get close and get to fire twice!