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Into the Evil Realm
By Princess Zelda

This story takes place approximatly seven years after the rise and fall of the great King of Evil, Ganondorf. Link is now, and once again, seventeen years of age. He knows the land of Hyrule will be enveloped in the peace it has known since its birth, and that Ganondorf will never break the seal of the Evil Realm. But the evil man himself has secret plans…

Part I

LINK LAY IN A PLACE where gentle beams of sunlight passed through the green leaves of trees and fanned delicately to the ground of Kokiri Forest. He was thinking deeply, and he was dreaming the wildest of dreams. This was something the other Kokiri often noticed about him; there was always something on his mind.
Link was different than the Kokiri. He was grown up, unlike the others, who were to be youthful forever. Also, each Kokiri Child had a guardian fairy at their side at all times, but Link had none. The fact was, Link was not a Kokiri. He was actually a Hylian. Hylians grew up, and Hylians daydreamed. And all Link ever seemed to do, was daydream.
In his imaginary world, Link was having the wildest of adventures. If it wasn't a rough, stormy sea he was crossing, it was a bubbling pool of firy red lava. And if he wasn't escaping a dark, haunted castle, he was fighting a fierce, enormous dragon. And if he wasn't daydreaming at all, he was daydreaming about Princess Zelda.
Of all the things Link longed for, whether it was to be a great and powerful emporer, to own all the jewels in the universe, or be a brave hero, he wanted nothing more than to see the lovely Zelda herself. He missed her so much, ever since destiny, with her dark, strong arms, had dragged them far apart. Zelda lived a long way off under the glittering spires of the Hyrule Castle, while Link was made to live amongst the Kokiri children in the forest.
As Link lay stretched over a hollow log, the song she had played on her family's treasure, the Ocarina of Time, years ago, still rang inside his head. The melody was calling him, beckoning him. It said, "listen…listen to me…"
No matter how much he tried to pull the song from his mind-It made him think of Zelda, and how much he longed for her-It wouldn't budge. So, he just say there, listening to the music that played within his own head. He was entranced by its serenity.
He bolted up, and saw a glowing light shining above him, and gasped, in pure delight, "Navi the fairy! Is that you? Have you at last returned to my side?"
"No time to explain," Navi said firmly. "You must go to the Hyrule Castle at once."
"Why? What has happened?"
"I do not know, but I can tell you, drastic changes are taking place there. Why, even the cock has been crowing at night! Hurry!"
Link swept to his feet, and ran to the tunnel that led to the Outside World. He was halfway through it when he was halted.
"Now, hold it right there!"
Link pivoted, and saw Mido, the Boss of the Kokiri, standing at the mouth of the tunnel.
"Just where do you think you're going?"
Link was silent. He felt something boiling down inside.
"I'm responsible for all you people," Mido piped, "and it's my duty to see that no person that dwells in the forest, leaves the forest, so scram! Go home!"
"But, Mido!" Link exclaimed. "This is really important."
"It can't be more important than my reputation as your boss! Now, get outta here before I… Before I…"
It was too late for Mido to think of any threat, because Link had already left the forest.


When Link was at last wading through the tall grass of the Hyrule Field, the sun was at its highest point of the clear blue sky. He ran as fast as his legs could carry him, hoping to make it to the Hyrule Castle before it settled back into the horizon.
Hour after hour passed by, and Link kept on the move. On the way, he found familiar sights: Lon Lon Ranch, Zora's River, the large trees, and when he looked carefully, he could just catch a glimpse of Gerudo Valley. When darkness was just beginning to set in, and the sky was tinted to the bright red, which indicated that the day was coming to an end, Link and Navi came in front of the drawbridge on the outer wall of the Hyrule Castle.
Link, quite out of breath from nearly half a day of running through the fields, was merely twitching his leg to step on the drawbridge, when he heard a THUMP, and it was pulled upward. Not wanting to have to wait through an entire night, he grasped the edge of a wood plank with both hands. He held tightly, and was hoisted upward along with the bridge.
When the bridge was drawn all the way up, it hit the walls hard, and Link almost fell off. He carefully pulled himself up and over the top, dropped off on the other side, and was, at last, within the walls.
Link dashed into the Town Square, Navi fluttering close behind.
The marketplace was much different than he had remembered it to be. Each window on every buildingwas closed, and strong, iron locks covered the doors. Guards stood all over the place. Link ignored them, and headed straight to the castle lawn.

The spires of the Hyrule Castle seemed to touch the starry night sky. Link ran over to the large iron gate, but there were layers and layers of strong bars over it.
"Something must be going on around here," Link remarked, looking around.
Link turned, and saw a tall, gray-haired woman standing before him.
"Hello, Link. Remember me? I am Impa, Zelda's protector and bodyguard."
"Impa!" Link exclaimed. "I was hoping to see you! Pray tell, what is happening? The guard seems heavier tonight."
"Oh, Link," Impa gasped. "Something dreadful occurred last night. There were loud screams echoing through the corridors of the castle, and they seemed to be coming from the Princess's bedchamber. We went into there, and she was gone! There was the awful stench of smoke drifting about."
"Do you know what happened?"
"Yes, I do know. As the Sage of Shadows, I can sense these things. Zelda has been kidnapped, and I know by whom."
Link stared at her. "You mean…NO! It couldn't be possible! We destroyed him a long time ago."
"I'm afraid Ganondorf has found a way to leave the Evil Realm. The Triforce of Power can do that for him, you know. But, what is worse, he has stolen the Stone of the Moon!"
Link gave a questioning look to Impa. "The Stone of the Moon? I don't think I'm familiar with it."
"It has special power," Impa explained. "It works like a magnet. A magnet for the Triforce Parts, that is."
Link's eyes grew very wide. "I'll bet Ganondorf carried Zelda off so he could hook the Triforce of Wisdom from her! What will we do?"
"The only thing to do," Impa said, "is to go down into the Evil Realm, and take the Stone of the Moon from Ganondorf's possesion. We must also save Zelda. Are you willing to do this, for the sake of Hyrule?"
"I am," Link responded. "But, since I have the Triforce of Courage, wouldn't it be a mistake to send me down there? What if he takes it from me?"
"I will accompany you," Impa answered. "If we go together, Ganondorf won't have much of a chance of gettting through with his evil plans."
"I'd certainly hope so."
They stood in silence for the moment, but that silence was soon broken.
"One more thing…Just how are we supposed to get to the Evil Realm?"
"We must take the same entrance Ganon took, through the Chamber of the Sages. I will call upon the others, to create a hole into the Evil Realm."

To Be Continued…

Part II


Link, Navi, and Impa, after plunging through miles and miles of complete darkness, at last arrived in the Evil Realm.
The whole place looked like a gigantic cave. Its only light came from the vast pit of crackling lava down below. The hissing of the snakes that coiled on the ground filled the air, and sent chills up the spines of Link, Impa and Navi.
"Now what do we do?" Link asked. They were standing on a floating platform, and it bobbed up and down as if on water.
"You have your longshot, don't you?" said Impa. "Try hooking one of those wooden poles over on that shelf."
Link searched through his pockets, and retrieved the longshot. "Haven't used this thing for a long time," he remarked as he aimed the weapon. "Okay, everyone, hold on to my shoulders."
Impa grabbed Link's shoulders, and Navi hovered close by. "One…" Link shouted. "Two…Three…Whoa!"
In a flash, all three of them were on the other side of the cavern.
"Okay," Impa sighed, looking around hopelessly. "Maybe going over here wasn't the brightest of ideas.
There appeared to be no means of getting anywhere in the area in which they stood. "Hey! Look! Over there!" Navi exclaimed.
"Slime?" Impa and Link said at the exact same time.
There was a long, thick strand of a gooey, snot-like substance dripping from the ceiling. "Yech!" Link gasped. "What's so wonderful about this stuff? See? If I touch it, I'll just get my fingers all…AAAAAAAAAH!"
The moment Link touched the slime, a wave of electricity was released, and Link disappeared.
"We need to help him!" Impa gasped. "Come on!" She walked over, touched the slime, and soon was gone. Navi did the very same procedure.


"Whoa!" Link exclaimed. "We were warped to a different room! And a rather spooky room, too," he added.
The room smelled of ancient mud. The walls were decked with cobwebs, and the cobwebs were decked with big, purple, hairy spiders. There were bats hanging from the dusty, dripping cielings. At the end of the room, there was a door. The three went through it, and were immediately glad to have exited the haunted place.
The next room contained darkness, and nothing else.
"Strange," Impa muttered. "I can't see a thing."
There was a soft clanking sound. "What was that?" Link questioned.
Suddenly, out of nowhere, a band of Stalfos leaped over them. Link tried desperately to chop their bony heads off with his sword, but his efforts were in vain. The knights' black armor was too heavy, and not even the blade of Biggoron's Sword could penetrate it. There was a loud scream, and the Stalfos vanished.
"They captured Impa!" Link exclaimed. "Navi! We must do something! …Navi? Navi? Are you here?"
Link was horrified. Navi and Impa had both been taken away by those evil soldiers. He was left all alone…and unguarded. He was now vulnerable to the pull of the Stone of the Moon.
Shaking his head in dismay, Link walked around, extending a hand so as not to bump anything, and finally found what he believed must be a door. He felt around, and found its knob, turned it, and continued into the next room.
It was more darkness, but there was a bright red vortex in the center of the chamber. Link, full of curiosity, stepped into the center of it, and was instantly sucked down.
There was an unearthly brilliance. It came from a rosy pink crystal in the center of the large hall. Within the crystal, with a terrified look on her face…stood Princess Zelda.
Link was just about to walk over to her, when he noticed that Ganondorf, the evil King, was standing before the pink prison. Link quickly crouched behind a pillar before he could be spotted.
"Now, you are mine!" Ganondorf sneered. "Now, the Triforce of Wisdom is mine! And when I get my hands on that pathetic excuse for a Hero of Time, Hyrule will be mine!" He laughed insanely.
"You will never lay a hair on Link," Zelda said, a fierce look appearing in her eyes. "For the powers of goodness he possesses are far greater than your evil powers!"
"In your wildest of dreams, Princess!" Ganondorf poked. He was silent for a moment. "I sense that there is someone in this place besides us. Guards?"
The Stalfos army entered. "We just got a lady and a fairy," one of them said.
"Good work. But I do suppose that somebody else lurks abour who shouldn't be. If there is a fairy, there's sure to be a Kokiri child! When you find him, sieze him, and lock him in with the others!"
"As you wish, sire." The Stalfos knights vanished.
"I shall retire to my throne room," Ganondorf said. "Make one wrong move, Princess, and you will be destroyed!"
When the man left the room, Link emerged from his hiding place.
"Link?" Zelda's eyes were as wide as Hyrule itself. "Where…why…" She was absolutely astonished.
"I…I came to help you, Zelda."
"Link, listen to me! You must get out of here! Quickly! If Ganondorf finds you here, he will kill us both!"
"I…don't know how to get out!"
Zelda had a worried expression on her face. "Oh, do be careful, Link. Ganondorf has stolen the Triforce of Wisdom! You must keep the Triforce of courage protected. I have a special vessel that is invulnerable to the grasp of the Stone of the Moon."
The Princess held the glowing, golden sphere in Link's direction. "Hold out your right hand," she directed him.
Link did as she said, and the Triforce of Courage glowed brightly on the back of his hand. It grew in size, was detached from its owner, and sucked into the vessel.
"Now, that Triforce Part is safe."
"What, now?"
"Now, we must regain the remaining Triangles, and take the Stone of the Moon from Ganondorf's power," Zelda replied. "But, Link, since I'm trapped in here, I'm going to need your help. You can't break this crystal with your sword, but please save Impa and Navi for me."
"I will," he replied.
"I know where they are, and I can get you there quickly," said Zelda. She held up one hand. A blinding flash filled the hall, and Link found himself in a dark room.
There was a blue crystal prison in which Impa was held captive. Navi was stuffed in a tiny jar nearby.
Link took the jar in his hand. "Brace yourself," he warned the fairy. He smashed the jar onto the hard floor, where it shattered into shards. Navi flew about the room, and hovered around near Link.
With a single, but very hard, slash with his sword, Link dispelled Impa's trap, and she, too, was free.
"We must save the Princess," Impa exclaimed.
"I know where she is," Link said. He told them the story, and, to conclude, he stated, "But I don't have any idea as to how we're going to get there."
"We'll just have to look around," said Navi.


Impa, Link, and Navi wandered down corridors, up and down stairs, through doors, and over bridges. At last, they came to the hall where Princess Zelda was imprisoned.
"Are you all right?" Impa exclaimed. "We'll get you out, somehow."
"We're not leaving this place until the Triforce of Wisdom falls back into our hands," Zelda demanded. "I don't care how much torture and terror I muct endure-I just don't want Ganondorf to get his hands on that Triforce."
The walls rumbled.
"Oh no!" Zelda gasped. "Ganondorf heard me! We have angered him!
There was an enormous flash of green, and he entered.
"I see we've got company, Princess," Ganondorf sneered.
Link drew his sword from its sheath.
"Well, they are certainly uninvited, but don't you worry, I'll fix them."
He punched the ground, sending a thundering quake through the floors, knocking Impa and Link off their feet.
"In case you are interested," Ganondorf snickered, "I have been watching you, and listening to every word you say. And, as I understand, you have tried to keep the Triforce of Courage from my grasp! Well, I will tell you, you are not going to get off so easily!"
The evil man's eyes flashed a firy yellow. Link drew his shield, and prepared for a long, hard battle.
Ganondorf held the glowing white Stone of the Moon into the air. "The Triforce is coming my way! Ha, ha, ha!" In his joy, he hurled the treasure high into the air.
"You're not going to get off so easily, Ganondorf!" Link shouted.
Ganondorf spread his arms, and created a barrier of electricity to keep out the others, and thus created the arena containing Link and himself. "So, let the battle begin!" he hooted.
Ganondorf raised a fist into the air, and sent a fireball hurtling over in Link's direction. Wasting no time, Link batted it back with his sword.
Using his blood-red cape, Ganondorf repelled the fireball, and Link swatted it back with his sword. There were a few volleys, but, finally, one hit the evil King.
"Ha!" Link shouted.
When Ganondorf regained his strength, he stood up again, rose into the air, and yelled, "It's time to take some real action! Triforce of Courage, COME HITHER!"
Ganondorf made a swirling motion with his right hand, and created a severe windstorm. The powerful wind lessened Zelda's grip on the golden capsule, and she accidentally let go of it. The Triforce of Courage was blown directly into the hand of Ganondorf.


Ganondorf turned and twisted and dived and looped. He held out his right hand to reveal to the dumbstruck onlookers the three glowing Triangles. "Power, Courage, Wisdom…ALL MINE!" he crowed. "Now, my work is done! My goals have been reached! I shall rule the world! I SHALL DESTROY THE WORLD, AND ALL ITS PEOPLE, TOO! HA, HA, HA, HA-"
A huge, shining beam of white light shot in Ganondorf's direction, and his screams of victory came to a dramatic end. Zelda was bending so far over, she was nearly lying down.
"You pathetic, self-centered, evil man! You are such a fool!" Zelda shouted. "When you tossed the Stone of the Moon in your celebration, it landed into my hand…"
Everyone watched as one by one, the Triforces of Courage and Wisdom shot into the hands of Zelda. While Ganondorf stood there, in a mighty state of shock, Link impaled him with a Light Arrow.
When the Evil King was pinned down, the large pink crystal lifted itself. Zelda cleared the way, and said to the others, "Let us return to Hyrule." She spead her arms, and a big blue warp portal sprang up from the floor.
Link, Navi, and Impa stepped into the warp portal, and Zelda followed. An ice-blue crystal formed around them, and they were gently lifted upward.


Link and Zelda stood, facing each other, in the bright light of the sun. The Triforce Parts split, and the Triforce of Courage was returned to Link.
"Link, I'd like to thank you for all of your help," Zelda said, smiling. "Without you, Hyrule would be crushed by the evil powers of Ganondorf.
"Destiny didn't allow me to take the Triforce of Power from Ganondorf.
"Destiny is a strange thing," she said. Suddenly, the Triforce of Wisdom glowed brightly on the back of her hand.
"Destiny has turned around," it told Link and Zelda. "Link, Zelda, you are both Hylians, and were always meant to be Hylians. You are now permitted to be together, as you always were."
Link and Zelda looked at each other. They understood each other, as their eyes met. And soon, they were touching hands.
"We will be living in the same world, Link," Zelda murmured. "If you have the time, please stop in and visit me."
"I will," said Link.
Link and Zelda embraced each other, and they kept that moment in their hearts forever. They knew there would again be peace in Hyrule, for a time. One can never tell what the future possesses.

The End

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