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Fan Fiction Library

"Old" Fan Fiction New Addition

Into the Evil Realm--Ganondorf has stolen the Stone of The Moon, which can be used to steal the Triforce Parts. He has also captured Zelda. Link must venture into the Evil Realm where Ganondorf dwells to save the Princess and the Triforce.
The Winter Girl--Link and Zelda get into a big fight, and the bond between them is broken. It is on that snowy night, a stranger comes into the castle.
Princess Zelda

The Fragments Come Together--Princess Zelda misses Link so badly, she even goes to Kokiri Forest to visit him, only to find that he's been put under an enchanted sleep by Ganondorf. The only way to awaken him, is to play the Song of Time on the ocarina, but Ganondorf has stolen the instrument.
The Princess Zelda

If you wish to submit your own FanFic, please keep profanity at a minimum. No sex or extreme violence. Give me a brief summary of your FanFic, about 2-3 sentences in length. DON'T FORGET TO GIVE ME YOUR NAME, NICKNAME, OR INNITIALS, because this will be neccessary if you plan to create a series.

Every month, I will give awards to the FanFics I enjoy the most. You may recieve a Gold, Silver, or a Bronze Triforce Award. Also, I will rate your stories on a scale of 1 * to 5*'s. If you don't want your story to be rated, please say so in your E-Mail.

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