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These are links to various MUGEN web sites, where you can download more characters, backgrounds, add-ons and sounds for MUGEN. If you want to have your site listed here, just e-mail me. In return, I would like to ask you to link to us too.




The biggest and one of the best MUGEN web sites around. There are plenty of MUGEN stuff to download. Check it out. IT WORTH IT! By Destino_pt. 


The creators of MUGEN. In their site you can download the latest MUGEN engine and the developer tools.


The creators of UNITED, the first MUGEN game, that includes Guile, Blue Mary, Shinobu and XHD and some backgrounds. Download UNITED: you won't be sorry

Página de sés

Web site of the creator of the Mugen Character Maker (MCM). Download the latest version here. By sés.


Old MUGEN Fan Page, this site has an incredible design. There are very good backgrounds and add-ons to download. By Mattasaur.

Jin's Mugenesis

The creator of Ken Megamix and Cammy. There are some characters and many backgrounds to download here. By Jin Kazama8.

The Riot of the Blood Rehabilitation Center

The creator of Sakura and Setsuna. There are other characters to download here, including Karin and Moriya. By Orochi Herman. 

R´s mugen development page

The creator of Dan Hibiki. In this page you will find very good backgrounds and music. By R.

NeoGouki's MUGEN creations

The creator of Kyo Kusanagi, Shingo Yabuki and Sie Kensou. You will find very good characters and backgrounds here. By NeoGouki.

M.U.G.E.N. Brazil Homepage

One of the first MUGEN web sites in Portuguese. There are some backgrounds to download here. By Akira-san. 

A.H.P. Homepage

MUGEN page in Portuguese. There are lots of backgrounds to download and a screenpack. By POTERGUEIST.


This M.U.G.E.N Webring site owned by Matheus.
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