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Derek's Denizens

Herein you will find a collection of various creatures that have been created/converted by the highly talented Derek Holland. I have compiled them here for your convenience, with Derek's permission.


Alien, Fallout 2 : The Aliens from FO2.
Ant, Giant : Big Mutant Ants.
Ant, Large : Mutie Ants.
Arn : Dragon Bugs.
Bardelot : Polar Rat.
Black Sea Serpent : Mutant Snakes.
Blat : Mutant Roaches.
Blood Borer : Blood feeding Beetles.
Blood Sucker : Mutie Leeches.
Bzzz : Flower Fiends.
Cal Then : Flying Rippers.
Carrion Stalker : Mutant Jellyfish-Crabs.
Che'tal : Greater Bloodwing.
Chewer : Great Rats.
Cid'tal :Mutant Cicadas .
Clockwork Horror : Copper & Silver.
Color from Space : The Red Death.
Cow Lion : Mutant Ant Lions.
Delph : Dolphin Men.
Drugan : Hairy Jumpers.
Drugar : Hairy Runners.
Fall Dweller : Giant Cadisfly.
Fen : Fish Men.
Flatworm : Toe Biter.
Ganymen : Eel-Men.
Golden Gecko : Mutant Lizards.
Ger'tal : Giant Water Striders.
Go'tal : Winter Bug.
Gretval : Dark Dwellers.
Hell Worm : Magma Worm.
Horl Choo : Procupine Plants.
Hornet, Giant : Mutant Hornets.
Ichthyosaurus : Lizard Fish.
Jaculi : Mutant Tree Snakes.
Jaget : Savannah Cats.
Ka'Tal : Flying Death.
Kai Lin : Lizard Bushes.
Leaping Devil : Mutie Rodents.
Liopleurodon : Giant Crocodiles.
Mange : Micevore.
Mole Beetle : Burrowers.
Morph Scorp : Mutant Scorpion.
Mo'tal : Vamp.
Ophidian : Snake Men.
Oskan Blood Eater : Evil Ones.
Parn : Sword Beetle.
Pigon : Mutant Pigeons.
Plague Beetle : Death Scarabs.
Porkies :Death Quills.
Rabbuck : Rabbit Deer.
Rapide : Cheetah Rats.
Roach : Garbage Men.
Ro'tal : Brown Munchers.
Sea Lilies : Mutant Sea Plant.
Sep : Land Sharks.
Shredder Bat : Devil Bats.
Slimey Grazers : Giant Sea slugs.
Sline : Night Stalkers.
Spine-tailed Squirrel : Mutant Squirrels.
Statless Critters : Several critters and plants of interest.
Terleen : Tree Fish.
Texas Horned Lizard : Roaster.
Toe Snipper : Mutant Crawfish.
Water Bear : Mutant Water Spider.
Wedon : Scaley Terrors.
Yuan-ti : Serpent Men.
Zar'tal : Black Munchers.
Zerg : The Zerg assault your Alternity Campaign!