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Spine-tailed squirrel

STR d4+2 INT 1 (an. d4)

DEX d4+8 WIL d4+1

CON d3+1 PER 2 (an. d6+3)

dur as CON AC 18+/17/8/4

Mov sprint 60 run 30 walk 15 # act 3

RS G/3


Tail 6/3/1 1w/2w/d4w (LI/O)

Defense armor none

-1 vs melee

+3 ranged


Acrobatics- dodge 4; Stealth- hide 12; Awareness- perception 2.

Mutations/powers: spines or quills (quilled tail)

Desc This squirrel has evolved a interesting defense mechanism- quills on the bottom of its tail.They are usually flat, but the squirrel lifts its tail and erects the quills when it is threatened. Its coloration is that of a stripped skunk.

Cmbt Like most other squirrels, this species is not aggressive. Its only "attack" is when it flails it tail at a predator. Like a porcupine's quills, the squirrel's are barbed. This means that any time a predator is hit, it must make a DEX feat check or d3+1 quills are imbedded it its flesh. Each does 1 w/phase until it is removed. Removing a quill takes a STR feat check and d2 w points. Even powerful creatures can be killed by these quills- corpses of bears and cougars have been found with quills in their heads.

Hab/Soc These squirrels are found in coniferous forests all over Meriga. They are considered a minor food source whereever they are found. They do live like other squirrels in small groups that seem to ignore each other.

Biome coniferous forest

Encounter chance probable

Group size d3

Org group

Niche herbivore

IQ low order animal

Converted from After Man by Dougal Dixon.