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Harmony Week 2005

Contact Us

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Need to Contact Us?

If you have questions about the GSA or GSA meetings, then please contact:

Club President Nick Gordon: ext: 3239

Faculty Sponsor Lawrence Rodriguez: (805) 493-3885 or email

If you have questions regarding Harmony Week 2005, then please contact:

Harmony Week Coordinator Sierra McGuire: ext. 2221 or email me.

You can also contact:

Vice President Jessica Amzoll: ext. 3135

Secretary/Treasurer Brent McWithey: (805) 844-6332

Social Chair Heather Gleason: ext. 2349

"Let us build a home for the twenty-first century where everyone
has a place at the table and not a single child is left behind."

-Former President-elect Bill Clinton, January 17, 1993


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