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Rhine Ga. is located about 70 miles south of Macon. It is a small town population around 400 people. The Mayor is Jane D. Lann, City Clerk is Kayla Williams.

The Rhine School was consolidated 6 years ago to Eastman, GA. (13 miles from Rhine) The gym was left to be used by the town. Over the years the gym has gotten run down.

Last year, grants were received by the Town of Rhine to restore the gym. Over $18,000 was spent to renovate the gym. Vinyl siding was placed on the front, and both sides. The back of the gym was not done.

A ballgame was held last October in which $6000 was raised to do more work.

In May of this year, the school was torn down but caught fire and damaged one side of the viny siding. (The school was torn down to make way for the "James Reynolds Park" (Lighted walking area,Park).

Now, our hope is to replace the damaged siding and install handicap ramps, etc.

The gym is usable for community events such as sports and reunions and church functions.

Children are being supervised by Rhine Postmaster Robert Lowe once a week.

Last October: James Reynolds, Patrika Darbo, and Matt Cedeno were the Celebrity Players.


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