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The Ford Falcon 

I've created this page to have somewhere that I can show off my car (1962 Tudor) and hopefully help a few others get some ideas.  If I can be of any help to you, please, feel free to ask..
(Just incase your wondering, yes, I do have some mental instablilities and yes, I am humping that tailight)

I purchased my car in early November, 1999.  This is pretty much how I got it.

The car is a 1962 Falcon Tudor, it came from the factory with the 144ci engine mated to a 3spd. column shifter. (It now has a 200ci engine, stock tranny)  The paint is I believe Whimbledon white with a Palamino interior.  Everything but the engine, and tank are original right now.

Things I've done To the car since its arrived in my hands

I'm looking for people to send me in some images of their sweet rides, but ford only, none of that Chevy or Mopar crap. Ugh... Please, send me your images at

Well, I'm off, thanks for visiting, will update soon enough I'm sure, so come back whenever ya get bored.

Last Updated March 10th 2000 9:41pm EST.

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