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Cheerin On The Hill

This Year's Squad

Well, here was the squad i was on this year for a semester, and it was good while it lasted Back l-r Stephanie, Scott, Josh, Mark, Matt, Woody, and Amy Middle- me, Leigh, Elizabeth, Nicole, Rachel, & Stacey Front- Michelle, Kameko, Amy, Caren, & Lauren (sorry about the bad pic quality, black & white obviously won't scan that good)

Basketball Madness

Here's the squad at Basketball Madness doing a stunt called "the wall" It was awesome! Of course, i'm not in "the wall" but i'm in the very front in the single-base stunt with Lauren

Basketball Madness

Here's me, Caren, Stacey, Rachel, Elizabeth, Michelle & Amy during pledge on "Family Day." Caren, Rachel and I aren't dressed up because we were already sisters, but we were lucky enough to have the other girls join Ep Sig!

More Cheerleading Pictures