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Cheerleading Trip

Here are some pictures from our weekend @ Elizabeth's house, fun times were had!

Sticky Fingers

Here we are eating at Sticky Fingers in Chattanooga, where I stuffed myself silly. It was a fun time, meeting that strange man while waiting on our table, the stareing basketball players from Covenant.. and the good laughs

After pigging out at Sticky Fingers we all came back quickly got comfortable, played some Twister, watched some movies, and made a pyramid that was a little less dangerous than our normals ones...

Elizabeth drives like a maniac, so if you're following her somewhere that you dont know very well, there's a good chance you're going to lose her. So on the way to the mall we all had to pull over at a gas station to find one another again, and before we continued our trip we had a little "dance party" in the parking lot... look at the classic expression on the face of Josh Byers

Cheerleaders Weekend Continued...