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0973 This indicates a ground battle. If you recall when Harry Champ first took on Bit and the Blitz team this battle mode was used. Basically, it is a blind (no sensors) battle in ground surroundings, usually like a maze.

0982 Probably the most common battle mode. Each team can only fight with a stipulated number of Zoids. Most of the time there is no restrictions on arsenals.

0988 An old-fashioned show-down limited to long-range weapons. This battle mode was used during the Blitz team's first encounter with the Fluegel team. They were limited to 6 shots a piece.

0992 A one-on-one battle. Commonly with no restrictions on arsenals. This is the battle mode used when the Elephander took on Bit and his Liger.

0999 "Judge! You can't allow them to attack the carrier!" --- Dr. Toros "Battle mode 0999 has NO rules. You either WIN or... you LOSE!" --- Dark Judge

1001 Competition--The Royal Cup. Prestigious tournament for Class A teams which takes place every 4 years. The victorious move up to Class S. Each team is allowed to fight with up to 4 Zoids. There are 100 teams each of them placed 6 miles apart along a 600 mile starting line. First team to reach the finish is the winner, however, the finish line is unknown. With each win the team is given more information about its location. After 5 wins the location will be known. Any Zoid experiencing a System Freeze is out of the tournament, thus a team is out when all of their Zoids have experienced a system freeze.

6990 Battle mode used during the arcade game. It indicates a shooting challenge. In addition, this battle mode allows for mid-battle entries. We see Vega defeating Bit and Jack Sisco during this battle.


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