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Dis is Cindy, my huz Toan, and

my 'lil' boi Timmy representin da Azn

Blood side given a 411 shoutoutz 2 all da

homiez and galz who representz the Azn Krew 2

stand out for our Azn Style Rememba da Azn

Blood tat flowz through our life and

remain tru 2 da Azn Gang 4 life Neva in our

life should we forget the peepz tat were

there 4 us Azn Thugz let we give our

shoutz 2 all the Azn memba tat are representin

our nation, living dayz -n- nightz

sacrificin 2 keep our Azn Style alive. 4

all mah families, ViEtNaMeSe Rules!!!

Remainin tru 2 da Asian Blood, dis is

Cindy sayin PeAcE OuT 2 all of ya!!! Much

luv 2 all mah fellow memba Azn Thugz!!! Let

us live till da day we die!!!

Asian Blood in our mine!!!

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