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Well, I always said I'd never do fanfic. Why make myself look rediculous? Well, after reading fanfic from the X-Men Evolution Fanfic list, I found a bunch that were very interesting. I suddenly got a wierd idea for those characters and decided to try it out. Now that I've gotten into fanfic, I will be writing with existing characters onle....and also with charcters I threw in to make things interesting. And there's the basic dislcaimor therein. Do be sure to read them in order...or some won't make sense.

DISCLAIMOR: These X-Men Evolution characters are not mine. We know that already. They are the property of Marvel and WB. And blah blah blah. Anyone reading fanfic must have read the disclaimor thing a million times. Ok, here we go.

This first section if for fictions that are mainly using only existing characters from the show...though a few will have brought in characters.

*3-10-01*Piercings and Body Art

*3-10-01*The Staring Contest

*3-11-01*The Costume Party



*3-12-01*Bubble Gum

*3-12-01*Toad's Nightmare

*3-16-01*Baby Boom

*3-19-01*The New Girl

*3-19-01*Secret Admirer


*4-01-01*The Treasure Hunt

*4-01-01*Speed Demon <

*4-01-01*Reflections of a Toad

*4-01-01*Mother's Day

*4-09-01*Gypsy Switch

*4-09-01*Cartoon Heroes

*4-09-01*Gypsy Switch II

*4-23-01*Battle Flags

*5-22-01*The Cereal Isle

*5-22-01*Speed Demon II

*5-22-01*Cornflakes' Friend

This section is interesting. This is a fanfic section I set aside for an ongoing set of fics involving Thaddues, Tobius, Fritz...or any other next generation characters I made up for Evo. Technically the very first hint of this section is found in The New Girl but, we'll be more direct.

*4-01-01*Emily's Good-Bye


Nightcrawler's Ledge

Toad Hall

Quicksilver's Pit-Stop

X-Men_E rpg group

Vi's Fun X-Evo Things

Toad_Hall E-Groups


Speed_Demon E-Groups