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X-Men Evolution

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Like the new design? With the new season opening up, it gave me a better reason to update my site. There are no bios up yet for the new characters, but keep an eye out for them later this month...hopefully.

The page has been reset, meaning X-Men and Brotherhood now have their own pages. So this page is just a summary of the show and special links I have set aside.

What is it?

It's simple. X-Men Evolution takes place modern day, but the X-Men are not as we know them. They are teenagers, dealing with many teenage issues as well as their mutations. They are neatly divided into two sides of mutants.

There are our heroes, easily marked. They are the X-Men, mutant children taken in by Charles Xavier to learn to master their gifts to benefit mankind.

There are the villains, the Brotherhood of Mutants. In the comics the group is called Brotherhood of Evil Mutants, but the teen group doesn't do evil, just different things.

Et Cetera

The Brotherhood is easily marked as the villain team, simply because it is run by Mystique and Magneto. However, closer examination shows that the Brotherhood is like the X-Men. Teenagers who are looking to find where they belong. They face the same issues before them as the X-Men and at times even get along with the opposing group.

In this show, the level of bad and good is on an elementry level. Meaning, there is no terrorism or anything of that sort. Instead, the bad is carried out by poor decisions, theft, and bullying. The good is merely learning to care for members in the team, acceptance and squabbles.

This show is really good for the young audience. Growing up, I watched the old X-Men series, which was targeted more towards teenagers, not young children. The show was quite rough and dealt with a lot of grown up issues. For the delicate young mind, and young at heart, this show has a simple plot of which to follow and a less traumatic overview. Definately one of the better cartoon shows of the new millenium.


Duh! I didn't forget the links, all. The X-Men Evolved site is being moved ever so slowly, so be patient. the X-Men E site will eventually be updated. The character pages are with their proper character's bio under the Brotherhood and X-Men. There is one for Toad, Quicksilver and Nightcrawler.

Evo Fanfiction: This is the link where I store the fanfics I've written about Evo. Keep an eye out for updates one of these days.

X-Men_E RPG: This Role Playing group is owned by Jet Vega, but the site is maintained by me. This is separate from the X-Men section, as the events in the game to do not always match the show.

X-Men_Evolved: This RPG is mine. The site has been moved so please be patient while I try and fix it.

Fun X-Evo Things: This is where I put my Evo backgrounds I've played with. It also has icons to put on your webpage if you are a member of either of the RPG groups listed above. Note: There are no icons for X-Men Evolved at this time. I hope to add some soon.

Toad_Hall E-Groups: This page is an intro to a group I maintain called Toad_Hall. Toad's bio page is also Toad Hall, but the addies are different. This group is set aside for Toad fans of all kinds, though preferably the Evo version.

Speed_Demon E-Groups: This group is dedicated to Quicksilver. This is a group also run by me to discuss Pietro in Evo preferably, but also in comics and other appearances of his. Are you a Pietro fan? Join in!

I do have other RPG games. Search through them on my Site map under RPG.

The Characters

With the new season, there will be new characters added to this site once I've aquired the information. Until then, do enjoy the bios I've set aside for the teams.

The X-Men

The Brotherhood of Mutants

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