Nanotechnology Web Pages: A good, basic site hosted by Memex Research Pte Ltd and Internet Research & Development Unit.

Ralph C. Merkle's Nanotechnology web site: A terrific on-line resource. Very thorough with lots of good links by one the figures involved with the birth of this technology.

Sean Morgan's Nanotechnology Pages: Another good site with basic information on all the manufacturing potential of Nanotechnology.

Brad Hein's Nanotechnology Site: A fairly sophisticated site. Very current information on a variety of Nanotechnological fields.

Metahead: A web resource devoted to biotechnology, machine intelligence and nanotechnology. As such, it provides a nice integrated approach to the future applications of these technologies. A well-designed site.

Nanotechnology Database: A site sponsored by the National Science Foundation and hosted by Loyola College's International Technology Research Institute.

Nanotechnology Magazine: The first commercially successful periodical on the field. It reports that: "This inevitable consequence of continued advancement in the fields of chip manufacture, biology and chemistry will open the era of self-replicating consumer goods, super-health, super-economy and inventions impossible to fabricate with first wave industrialization." That's where we're headed!


The Foresight Institute: Perhaps the leader in Nanotechnology theory, research and development. Iím a member of this organization.

The Instutue of Nanotechnology: An organization in the UK devoted to the development of a wide-range of Nanosystems.

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