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Hi there! I'm Keith. This is my world. Right now it's kinda under construction but (as time permits) in the future you can come here to explore such diverse topics as (in no particular order):

Personal Profile & Family
Classical Music
Military History
Astronomy & Space Exploration
Nanotechnology (Frames Only)
Southern Culture
Hamilton's "Night's Dawn Trilogy"
Fyodor Dostoevsky
The Film "Titanic"
The Atlanta Braves
William Faulkner
The X-Files Series
Cognitive Science
Jurgen Habermas
Thomas Jefferson
Friedrich Nietzsche
Health and Life Extension
H.P. Lovecraft

...and all the other stuff that makes life such a rich experience for me. (How can one guy possibly be interested in all this stuff?) Just put my picture next to "scatter-brained" in the dictionary.

Let's Chat!!

{Available at appointed times.}

Personal Tenets

Do what you say you'll do, or don't say you'll do it.

Diversity is natural and good.

Human Truth is a competition of metaphysical value-judgements.

EMail Me.

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