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Cheryl Lynn At Soul Legends

In 1978, Cheryl was a featured vocalist on Toto's hit 'Georgy Peorgy', and then her first album 'Cheryl Lynn' (Columbia), was released later in the year. Her bravado would bless us with her trademark song, 'Got To Be Real', revealing the brilliance of her soulful soprano and uncovering the hidden star potential in a legion of disco devotes. The next single was 'Star Love'. The song opens with a slow, scene-setting intro, gallops into a disco trot, then Cheryl takes us to the
stars with her trademark powerful vocals.
~Read More at Cheryl's Biography, which HAS BEEN UPDATED! (May 2006)~
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Discography & Music Gallery
(Updated For 2006 & Now More Interactive!)

1978 'Georgy Porgy' (Toto ft.Cheryl Lynn)
1978 Cheryl Lynn
1979 In Love
1981 In the Night
1982 Instant Love
1983 Preppie
1985 It's Gonna Be Right
1985 'At Last Your Mine' (fr.'Heavenly Bodies' SDTK)
1986 'Steppin' Into The Night' (fr.'Armed And Dangerous' SDTK)
1987 Start Over
1989 Whatever It Takes
1995 Good Time (Import)
1996 Got To Be Real:The Best Of Cheryl Lynn
1998 Got To Be Remixes (SUPER RARE!!)
2000 'Your Love (Encore)' - J Supreme featuring Cheryl Lynn
2002 'Got To Be Real' (New Version fr.'Undercover Brother' SDTK)
2004 'Sweet Kind Of Love' (fr.'Shark Tale' SDTK)
2006 Got To Be Real:The Best Of Cheryl Lynn - REMASTERED!
(Customized CD Includes 'At Last You're Mine' & 'Steppin' Into The Night'
as BONUS TRACKS!! NOTE - This CD Is Not Sold In Stores!)

2006 The Best Of Cheryl Lynn, Vol.2 - COMING SOON!
2006 'In The Night' / 'Instant Love'
(Both rare albums finally remastered onto a single CD!)

New 2 On 1 CD Reissue for 2006...'In The Night' & 'Instant Love'


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