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Welcome To Soul Legends..Honoring The Real Singers, Real Bands, or quite simply, The Real Talent!! While we couldn't possibly cover EVERY TRUE 'Soul Legend', fans of other Divas & Kings of Soul are more than welcome to join us here! This site is dedicated to soul singers that can really 'blow', and the bands that could really 'jam'!! No one here fakes the funk! It's all the way live! No studio tricks for these legends!! Please use our messageboard to share your opinions & comments with other music fans from around the world!! Also enjoy our NEW Soul Legends Music Box!! Loaded with OVER 70 classic songs from the 1960's through the 1980's! ***This site is BEST VIEWED with Internet Explorer or Netscape 5.0+!! Older browsers (Incl.WebTV) may have trouble with JAVASCRIPT and other features that will be added in the near future!! Many photos are copyright by thier respective owners!!*** Soul Legends...CELEBRATING OUR 5th YEAR ANNIVERSARY in 2007!!!


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