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Snowy Bulletin Boards

Snowy Faces-Make snowman shapes. Let children decorate them as they wish (hats, scarfs, glitter, etc;) then cut a hole (wide enough for a small picture) in the top part of the snowman. Insert a picture of the child's face. Then you have picture perfect snowpeople! The kids love to look at them and see who is who. The parents enjoy seeing how their children decorated their snowman.

Ezra Jack Keats-Using the book a Snowy Day, make a bulletin board. Add Peter in his red suit, a copy of the outside cover of the book, a picture of Keats, and scenery that will help explain the book. I also placed a picture of the "Original" Peter. It's kind of neat to see that Keat's Peter was actually patterned after a real little boy from Georgia. I place this on one side, along with a couple of snowflakes and snowflake trim on the top. I leave the rest of the board to display my student "snowy work". This is one of my favorites!

Snowman Door-I usually cover my door to coordinate with my theme. It gives the children an idea of what we are going to be learning about. It's a great big welcome!! I cover my door with white. Make two large arms. I fold the paper in half, measure, and then cut a slightly curved shape. Tape them in place. Next, I make a large white ball for the head, attach construction paper eyes, nose, and use a marker for the great big smile. I make a blue paper scarf and hat, complete with fringe. I hot glue all the pieces together and then tape them to the door.

Penguins Icy Colors- I make a penguin sitting on the ice licking a popsickle; I then make popsickles(twin style) from different colored paper, sprinkle "snow" irridescent glitter on them, glue popsickle sticks to the back, and position them around the board. I label it "Icy Colors" with popsickle sticks.

Penguin's Hot Chocolate Rewards-Make a penguin with a scarf and hat and put a cup of hot chocolate (with marsmallows!) in his hand. Then make a cup of chocolate for each child in your class; write the student's name of the cup. Then using cotton balls as a symbol for marsmallows, place a cotton ball on the student's cup for good behavior. At the end of the week, count the marsmallows and let the children get that number of mini-marshmallows in their warm cocoa!!

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Hope you enjoyed the snow unit!! Kristal

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