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Snow Fun Recipes

Marshmallow Snowman-Attach three large marshmallows with white frosting. Then to make a scarf, use licorice or fruit tape. Use chocolate chips for the eyes and a candy corn for the nose. Then add a jelly bean into a jelly ring and place on the top marshmallow.

Snowball Snowman-Need: snowball cakes, candy corn or miniature carrots, raisins, licorice string or fruit tape. Give each child a snowball on a plate. Then place raisins for the eyes, candy corn or carrot for the nose, raisins for the mouth, and licorice string for the scarf. Cute snowmen faces!!!

Mitten Snack-Need: pita bread, animal crackers, marshmallow creme spread. Cut the pita bread into halves. Spread the creme inside, and on top; sprinkle coconut(snow) on top. Place the animal crackers into the pocket. Enjoy and Eat!! Your kids will play with the animals in this one. They will put them in and out, in and out!!

Sugared Snowflake-Need: small flour tortillas, clean kitchen shears, powdered sugar. Using kitchen shears, or clean scissors, fold and cut the tortilla, to make a snowflake. Fry until crisp; Immediatedly, sprinkle on powdered sugar.

Rice Crispy Snowmen-Make rice crispy treats, cut with a snowman cookie cutter and then add a candy corn nose, and raisin eyes.

"Snow" pops-Need: Alpine Snow Gatorade(looks like a white color), small ice cream cups. Pour the gatorade into the frozen ice cups; freeze until slightly mushy. Take out and eat. We use this recipe when we are talking about ice and polar bears.

Vanilla wafer snowmen-Give each child a plate with three vanilla wafers. Model the language and show them how to "build" a snowman. Spread cream cheese/marshmallow creme/frosting on the wafers. Add raisin eyes, candy corn nose, and licorice smile.

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