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*If you have only seen CATS in video form, then you would be surprised at how different the live stage show is. Since I recently saw it live, I thought it might be informative to list some of the differences between the two (this is from the National Tour version. I don't know if the Broadway version is the same).

1. In America, Alonzo is a brown and white cat, not black and white

2. Alonzo AND Munkustrap fight Macavity and save Demeter instead of just Munkustrap (You can see Demeter go off with Alonzo while the others gather around Munkustrap).

3. Bombalurina is in a relationship with Munkustrap (I am not joking! Besides, I always knew there was something going on betweent the two).

4. Bombalurina is also seeing Alonzo on the side (Munkustrap knows, 'cause he's always shooing Alonzo off to be alone with her).

5. Bombalurina gives up on Tugger by the middle of his song, though he still flirts with her throughout the musical. She blows him off bigtime at the end. *This is in the National Tour ONLY (Don't worry, he loves the females that are hard to get).

6. Bustopher Jones and Asparagus are the same cat (or actor)! So who goes to the Heavyside Layer next?

7. Tantomile and Coricopat do not exist in the National Tour! It's sad 'cause they are so cool to watch.

8. Grizabella is lifted on a huge flying saucer instead of walking the stairway like in the video (I smell another Heaven's Gate coming).

9. Tugger keep trying desperately, certainly more than once, to steal the spotlight in the show (we would expect that from him anyway).

10. Mistoffelees' solo dance is longer and more spectacular on stage (now I know why they always have to replace him).

11. There is a scene missing from the video called Growltiger's Last Stand.

12. Jennyanydot's tap-dance scene is much longer on stage, and very cool! Too bad they cut it so short in the video!

13. Mungojerrie and Rumpleteazer sing several verses of their song, while they cut it short in the video.

(If you know of anymore differences, e-mail them to me, and I will add them on)

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