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Greetings Jellicles! As most of you might know, I am in college at the time, so I haven't updated in some time. However, I have been making a few changes to the site in my spare time. Please look around the junkyard at your convenience. Enjoy!

* Please note that I no longer believe in making people ask permission to use my pictures. Everything from CATS belongs to Really Useful anyhow so it's not like we actually have possesion over this stuff. I'd appreciate it if you linked my webpage you yours, but it's not an obligation. CATS is to be shared. Let's all remember that!

Areas To Prowl

Main Characters
CATS Fanfiction
The Creation of Cats
Crazy Fanfic Plots That You Will Never Read About (Okay, maybe here)
The Hidden Paws
See what you've been missing from the live performance (certainly not the same as the video).
Did You Ever Notice...
Odd observations found in the CATS video (makes you want to watch it again)
Behind the Scenes
Stories and info bits about the actors and the video that you never knew
The Gallery
The Actors Behind the Fur
Some great pictures and bios on some of the actors from CATS (More to come)
Leave Your Paw Print
View Other Paw Prints

**The Really Useful Company has all rights to CATS. This page was not created to get money. It's just out of fun!

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