Fourth Season:

401 - A Divorce to Remember (9/21/99)
by Marsh McCall

The fourth-season opener finds Finch enjoying the role of husband (except when he has to hide things like his affinity for cat shows from his wife) and Maya wondering if she's really married.
Harry Shearer guest stars.

402 - When Nina Met Elliott (9/28/99)
by Moses Port & David Guarascio

After Elliott relates a story from his past, Nina realizes that she was involved in the event.

403 - Jack Vents (11/9/99)
by Pam Brady

Nina discovers that she can overhear Jack's therapy sessions and Maya learns a costly lesson about gambling.

404 - Blackmail Photographer (11/2/99)
by Kel Cahoon & Tom Saunders

A photographer (Sean Whalen) blackmails Elliott to get a job as his assistant, while Maya tries to prove to Nina that the U.S. moon landing was not a hoax.

405 - Finch Gets Dick (11/9/99)
by Sivert Glarum & Michael Jamin

Finch meets his match in Adrienne's friend (Andy Dick), a hand model who is determined to win over Finch's new bride by painting him as the jealous husband. Meanwhile, sex-hungry Nina is forced to do community service at a senior citizen's home. Better check all the pacemakers.

406 - Hello, Goodbye (11/16/99)
Story by Steven Levitan
Teleplay by Jack Burditt & Mike Reynolds

Finch's foolish quest for honesty in his unlikely marriage to a supermodel reveals some cracks in their relationship when they throw a party for their respective friends -- hers are fellow beautiful people and models while his are geekish outcasts who lose all control when playing Laser Tag. Back at the office, Jack coaxes an uneasy Maya into assuming his task of rendering job evaluations.

407 - An Axe to Grind (11/23/99)
by Brian Reich

When Elliott's logging industry friend Scott (Kevin Sorbo) comes to town, Elliott can't wait to see him butt heads with environmentalist Maya. But to his dismay, the two hit it off and set up a date, leaving Elliot to stew in rejection. Meanwhile, after completing his memoirs, Jack turns to Nina to help get him publicity, but the press seems more interested in Finch's recent breakup with his supermodel wife. Go figure.

Elliott, the infamous Cindy and Maya

408 - First Date (11/25/99)
by Susan Dickes

The morning after Maya and Elliott's first kiss, they get together for a dinner "meeting" since neither one wants to think of it as a date. But when Maya's annoying former assistant Cindy (Cheri Oteri) returns to "Blush," as a media buyer for a large advertising agency, Jack forces Maya to take Cindy out for the evening and Maya begs Elliott to come along to make the evening more bearable. After way-too-many drinks, however, Elliott ends up sleeping with Cindy and now must confront Maya. Meanwhile, Finch is determined to get over his divorce with Adrienne and enlists Nina's help in fixing him up with another supermodel.

409 - Love is in the Air (11/30/99)
by Kel Cahoon & Tom Saunders

On a flight to Paris, Jack finds that his ex-wife (Victoria Principal) is aboard. Meanwhile, Finch and Elliott try to convince Nina that Jack's still in the office.

Finch, Maya and Jack

410 - Jack Gets Tough (12/14/99)
by Howard Gewirtz

In his autobiography, Jack claims to have won fights with celebrities, all of whom he thought were deceased; but he's confronted by Robert Conrad (playing himself). Meanwhile, Finch and Elliott become the victims of a super saleswoman.

411 - Prescription For Love (1/11/00)
by Jeff Lowell

Maya is flabbergasted and a bit jealous to learn that the fashion model whom (guest star Cassidy Rae) Elliott has been dating is also a pre-med student at Yale. But when Maya inadvertently causes them to break up, she has to find a way to get them back together. Meanwhile, Finch, who has been secretly sleeping at the office each night, is forced to share his space with Nina, who has been kicked out of her apartment.

412 - When Nina Met Elliott's Mother (1/25/00)
by Moses Port & David Guarascio

Nina visits Elliott’s family in New Jersey to give a speech to his niece’s Girl Scout troop about careers in fashion. Her advice, however, is felt the strongest by Elliott’s mother (guest star Rhoda Gemignani), who decides to leave Elliott’s father and go out for a wild night on the town with Nina. Meanwhile, Jack and Maya accidentally kill Finch’s prized cat and are guilt-ridden about covering up the deed, especially when Finch decides to have the cat stuffed and placed on his desk.

413 - Dial "N" For Murder (2/8/00)
by Sivert Glarum & Michael Jamin

Nina’s former agent, Catherine (guest star Nina Foch), is now past her prime and fighting a bad heart, so she asks for Nina’s help with a suicide attempt. But after beginning a friendship with Finch, Catherine secretly decides that a night of sex with him would be a glamorous way to go out, but her plan backfires when she proves to be too much for Finch. Meanwhile, Maya becomes concerned when she discovers her new boyfriend likes his women heavy and is trying to fatten her up.

Maya and Elliott

414/415 - Paradise by the Dashboard Light/Tea & Secrecy (2/15/00)
...Dashboard... by Susan Dickes
...Secrecy by Brian Reich

Elliott’s relationship with Kaylene (guest star Cassidy Rae) is on the outs, and Maya is infuriated by her father’s attempt to enroll her in a dating service. But after a moment of commiseration, Elliott and Maya finally succumb to their desires in the back of a convertible in the studio. Although they agree to keep their relationship a secret, Nina catches them red-handed and Finch senses something’s up -- leaving the couple undecided about whether or not to tell Jack before someone else does.

416 - The Pirate of Love (2/22/00)
by David Nichols

Adrienne and FinchFinch invites himself to Nina's "sexaholics" meeting and is shocked to find his ex-wife (guest star Rebecca Romijn-Stamos) in the group, telling the story of her recurring fantasy involving her ex-husband dressed as a pirate. But when Finch sneaks into her apartment in an attempt to fulfill her wish, he panics when she enters with her new boyfriend -- a cop. Meanwhile, Maya and Elliott struggle against Jack's attempts to intimidate the "Blush" employees into buying cookies for his daughter's private school.
Special guest names on cookie board: Marsh McCall, Pam Brady, Moses Port, David Guarascio, Bruce Berman, Mark Bobadilla, Jodi Luros, Brian Medavoy, Jean Sagal, Bill Steinkellner, Dan Toobin and yours truly.

417 - With Thee I Swing (2/29/00)
by Michael Gara

Maya and Elliot decide to pursue friends outside their own social circles and meet another couple, Ben (guest star Arye Gross) and Lori (guest star Ashley Gardner) at a restaurant. But when they invite the couple to go to a “swing club” with them, Ben and Lori mistake their offer to go dancing as an offer to swap partners, leading to some uncomfortable moments back at Maya’s apartment. Meanwhile, Jack struggles with what to give his friend, Donald Trump, for his birthday. But since they share the same birthday, he uses Finch’s friendship with Trump’s assistant to find out what Trump is getting for Jack, leaving Finch to be chastised by his peers for breaking the “assistants’ code” of secrecy.

418 - Blackjack (3/28/00)
by Sivert Glarum & Michael Jamin

Jack is enraged to learn that a young man (guest star Kadeem Hardison, “A Different World”) has been masquerading around town as his son to help open doors, so he arranges a meeting and is shocked to discover he is African-American. Charmed by his pluck and entrepreneurial spirit, Jack takes him under his wing and helps him launch a men’s magazine, much to the chagrin of Maya , whose own idea for a magazine is thrown on the backburner. Meanwhile, Nina gets Elliott a job as a fashion awards judge, but when he sees the blatant bribery with gifts, he feels pangs of guilt.

419 - Blinded By the Right (4/4/00)
by Kel Cahoon & Tom Saunders

When a right-wing organization threatens to shut down “Blush” magazine, Jack enlists the help of Nina to schmooze the organization’s leader (guest star Terry Rhoads), a childhood friend of Nina’s, to change their course of action. But Jack becomes concerned when Nina decides to use her mind, instead of her body, to get the job done. Meanwhile, Finch enrolls in bodyguard school but fails miserably in his first attempt to guard Jack.

420 - Hot Nights in Paris (4/18/00)
by Moses Port & David Guarascio

Finch desperately needs to find a place to live, so he concocts a scheme to get Maya and Elliott to move in together so he can have her apartment. But when Maya and Elliott’s first night doesn’t go very well, she returns to her apartment, and Finch has to find a way to get rid of her -- especially since he’s got a girl (guest star Ever Carradine) in his bathtub. Meanwhile, Jack and Nina reluctantly prepare for the tortuous ritual of celebrating the anniversary of their friendship, but neither one wants to be the one to put an end to it. Elliott Gould has a cameo.

421 - When Nina Met Her Parents (4/27/00)
by Howard Gewirtz

Nina is apprehensive about meeting her biological parents for the first time, until she discovers they are enormously wealthy. Although a blood test determines they are not her parents, Nina tries to scam them into believing she is still their daughter, although unbeknownst to her, it is the parents who are pulling the scam. Meanwhile, Elliott and Jack discover that Finch while short in stature, has been blessed in a more “important” area, and they begin to feel inadequate.

Finch on Ice

422 - Finch on Ice (5/2/00)
by Susan Dickes and Brian Reich

Finch’s former figure-skating partner Nicole (guest star Barret Swatek) comes back into his life, but this time she wants him to coach her and her new partner Justin (guest star Eric Perardi). The “call of the ice” convinces Finch to help, but when Nicole hurts her ankle on the night of the competition, Finch realizes how far he will go for her. Meanwhile, Maya dyes her hair blond to research a “Blush” article and Elliott’s amorous reaction creates a rift between them. Also, Nina pulls for Ed McMahon (guest-starring as himself) to recover from an accident so his possible demise won’t pre-empt an A&E “Biography” special on her.

Nina as Foxy Trouble

423 - A&E Biography: Nina Van Horn (5/9/00)
by Pam Brady

The sex, drugs and rock-and-roll life of former fashion model Nina Van Horn is detailed in a mock episode of the A&E network series “Biography,” complete with host Harry Smith. Featuring interviews from former Van Horn “acquaintances” Robert Evans, Cheryl Tiegs, Don Henley and Jerry Hall (as themselves), the biography features footage from Van Horn’s early 1970s blaxploitation film “Foxy Trouble,” as well as anecdotes about how a poor farm girl became the toast of Fashion Avenue. The episode -- filmed over the past seven months -- represents one of the most elaborate sitcom productions ever.
Note: This episode had contributions from all the writers and was rarely improvised. Bernie Casey's "...last time I saw the b---h" being a notable exception.

Finch and MJH

424 - Fast Times At Finchmont High (5/16/00)
Teleplay by Moses Port & David Guarascio and Robert Cohen
Story by Kel Cahoon & Tom Saunders

Jack and Maya talk Finch into going undercover as a high school student for a "Blush" article. But when Finch is asked to the prom by a promiscuous cheerleader (guest star Melissa Joan Hart, "Sabrina, the Teenage Witch"), he realizes he may be in over his head. Meanwhile, Nina experiments with celibacy, and Jack discovers that mailroom clerk Kevin (guest star Brian Posehn) possesses a golden voice that he won't share with anyone else.
Note: This episode was directed by Steve Levitan.
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