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OOC (out of character) Please Be Paitent, these Pages still under construction.


These are My characters, and not to be used in any other game without my permission. All their stats are OOC and so is anything else about them, unless roleplayed out.
Giffion Isis Issabelle
Artemis MedeaKracken

I have many many more, but his is all I have up for now.

Micheal G. Fion

This man is the strangest of all creatures. His "Father" is the Powerful Totem Griffion, but this character was born human....after his fifth reincarnation.
This character was created before White Wolf put out the supplement rules, so don't pitch a fit. Its an NPC anyway.
He was born with the Feline-Changer genes, but the Rite of the Fetish Egg was placed upon him as well. This happened during each of his other incarnations.....but something went seriously wrong all the other times. Even when the Totem stepped in to "smooth" the Transition, the mixed-soul did not blend.
Then he was born to Mage-related, Skin-Changer Parents, with an Awakened Twin Soul. This allowed the two halves of his Changer heritage to mix equally. Griffion visited him on his 14th birthday and led him away from his parents an Umbral Glen. Yet, this was no safe place....., it was under attack by vicious Banes. Giffion Task was to secure to Glen and keep it safe....., which he nearly died trying.
The Glen felt his need, and send two "Children" to aide him. Created by all the powers the Glen itself could muster, Flora and Fauna rescued the severely wounded Giffion. Together they destroyed the last bane.
He then contacted several Weaver Spirits and began construction of his Den Realm. He placed the Glen into a pocket Realm within a great tower, that can only be seen through the Umbra. His dealings with the Weaver got the attention of several Annanasi in the area. They struck up a bargin, and now a whole network or three live in the basement of this tower.
He is a shrewd Business man, and a strong warrior. He tolerates annoyances because they might lead to intresting tibits. The need to keep collected Secrets hidden, versus blabing them to the nearest being is constantly struggling to overcome the other. So, he keeps a diary...., if anyone can find it they are welcome to it....if they can find it at all....he,he,he,he,.....
He is now Partnered with Andrew Bennett, business-wise as all his companies were "bought" by Andrew. Now Giffion runs things on his end, with a substantial finaical backing to keep most of his mundane worries at bay. Him and Andrew share secrets and ideas on a constant basis...that is when They can find each other.


This is Giffion's Birth Mother. She is the slyest and most devious of any Bastet She's ever met.
She actually has a rather large Den Realm, located upon a lost Silent Strider caern. She's set up a large Temple and palace dedicated to the Mother. Here are also learning centers for the Magickal Arts. Each of the Spheres has its own building dedicated to the its particular practice. There are Rotes and Tomes once thought lost amoung the Mage populas, that are kept here in the vast library of this very secretive Bastet.
Her palace is staffed by those Cats (of all tribes) which have sworn fealty to her. Though she has no use for the Magickal Arts, she loves gaining favors from the local and visiting Mages so they might study here. Of course she has many wards and spiritual helpers protecting her Realm, as well as the physical backing of her "vassals".
These "vassals" are those Cats who have either lost their Realms to the Settites, or are wanderers who do not follow with their Tribes beliefs, or are outcasts of their own Tribes. She takes in all kinds, even having a secret Mokole Ally who's family patrols the rivers surrounding the palace. These rivers ar offshoots of the main Nile, and cannot be followed. The Mokole see to that. She also has a goodly sized groups of Verbena and Dream Speaker Mages who protect this valuable resource from any intruder...Mage wise. Some of these Mages are actually blood-kin to her and Giffion, including her own parents.
She also is breeding up the ancient, pure breed, Arabian horses. Some of these are ancient ghouls from captured or destroyed Settite vampires. Those kindred that have been caputured are put into stasis, thanks to her Mage-kin. They are thusly drained and refilled by their Keepers, so that her horses might live on. This might seem cruel and demented, but as far as Isis is concerned any chance to harm or torture these vile blood-suckers is taken as quickly as possible. For the harm and pain they did to her and her ancestors' ancient Allies of the Old Empire of Egypt, is purpose enough to retailate in anyway possible!

She too has met Andrew, and talked with his demons. She finds this kindred fasinating, if a little repulsive. Her first reaction was to trick him into his Final Death, but by request from her son she let him prove himself. She has also given leave for him to use her best Stallion to add to his breeding stock for a few. This in turn sealed an unspoken bargin, that he might not tell of her Den. This Stallion is blood-red colored and a very intelligent creature. His original master imbuded a human soul into this beast, so he might control it better and give it more complex commands. Isis found it wandering the desert and brought it into her stables. There she healed his wounds and gave him the best treament he ever had, thusly procuring his loyalty. When his master tried to take him back, he showed Isis where his master's heart lay.


This is Giffion's Feline born sister. Her mother went in search of her Cat-Kin in the lair of the defeated Settite (the one who previously owned the stallion). There she found a nest of others and set up a trap for each of them. When the Snake's nest was cleaned out, she delved into its foul depths to see if some of her ancient kin might have been ghouled by this particular Setite. What she found disturbed her to no end.
She brought back the pride she discovered (about ten cats total, a male and female, and their kits). The kits were easily cleansed of kindred blood, but had to be placed into capable Mage-healer hands, because they became so very weak. The parents had to be caged and feed like some of her horses.
When the kits came of age, she bred with one of the males. Later she gave birth to Issabelle, as well as a number of pure kinfolk.
When she was born, Issabelle exhibited signs of pre-change inqusitiveness. She even learned to read heiroglyphs and written words. Though she hadn't Changed yet (as far as they believed), Giffion and Isis were sure she was Bubasti. Issabelle actually shifted not long after her second year, but kept it a sceret. She wanted to explore more of the world before becoming an "eye of gaia". She wanted to learn more about her brother, and his world. She wanted to know more about what was outside her mother's realm. She wanted to wander and see what these "clubs" were that so many of the visiting Mages talked about.
One day she got that chance, but a terrible occurance happened to change her world entirely. Issabelle was visiting her brother's Tower, when she was cat-napped. She had taken a stroll outside the boundries of his realm and was snached by a Nexus-Crawler. She was thusly transported to a cold place, somewhere in Russia. She was tested and expermented on by formori. She was caged in a silver-coated steel enclosure and pulled up against the bars time and time again. Then Andrew came to her rescue.
She has thusly revealed her Change-ability to her family, but prefers to stay as a cat. She also resides at her brother's place, where she learns more and more about the real world around her. She has also found Giffion's diary, but hasn't told him yet.
She is very surprised at some of his actions, but keeps that to herself as well. When the world is ready for her opinion, she will weave a most elaborate tale. If the world can decipher it, it desersves the information.

"Brazen Wing"

Brazen Wing's story begins in the distant past, during the time Rome first was founded. Her sister was the wolf the succored the lost twins.
Brazen Wing is a Silver Fang of the most noble standing, or once was. She is now believed dead by her Tribe-mates, a hero who scarficed herself to save the Sept from utter destruction. She prefers it that way. For, you see, Artemis is an Abomination.
She was out searching the night, alone and without a pack. Her Packmates long since returned to Gaia's Embrace, after the terrible attack on the caern so many years ago. Though she was Rank 5, she believed it her duty to hunt the bawn by night, alone. Because of her standing, none of the others asked about or debated this subject. During one of these treks, she came upon a kindred, looking out over the city. She didn't know what he was, he only seemed to her as a wandering human, up to see the sights. She shifted forms, from wolf to human, before approaching him. They talked and laughed, and she grew to like his sad but ammusing humor.
They would meet on occasion, at night, to wander the city, or travels the hunting trails. He'd tell tales of ancient legends of which her Tribemates only knew parts. He expressed the need of the human poulation to grow, while she debated the need for control. They found a harmony that few knew, and discovered a balance of natures that many sought. Soon, their walks became more intimate. Then she began her questions.
These lead to the discovery of his true nature, and because of that she refused to un-veil her own. She enjoy his company too much, his touch and his nearness ment the worls to her. Her love of him kept her silent about her hidden life. Until the day she was embraced.
She wanted to be with him always, but knew she was as mortal as any human. Gaia might be her mother, but he was her world.
She wept when he realized, too late, the truth to her will and inner strength. He wanted to destroy her, as was his kind's laws, but found he could not lay an aggressive finger on her. He pulled her closed and taught her the ways of his Clan, the Ventrue.
She returned to her Sept (several years later), to see if they might accept her back. She missed her family and Sept-mates so badly, but recieved little to no welcome. She had been seen with the Kindred leader who had newly arrived in the City, and was considered his consort. This lead to a trial she was to attend, but before this could happen, her Sire sent a group of underlings to "rescue" her. They attacked the Bawn guardians before the garou knew what they were dealing with, thusly the first defense post was torn down.
The leaders forgot about the trial to center their attention upon this onslaught. Artemis found out who the leading kindred was, and, before her entire Sept, walked out onto the battle ground to face him. She told him to leave, that she'd follow soon enough, but he knew better. So, they devised a quick plan. He'd "die" when she attacked him and dissappear into the earth as if swallowed whole bty the ground. She'd then race off after the others... One would return battered and bloodied, with a scrap of her fur, asking for peace.
This plan worked well, becasue the Fangs understand honor and retrubution well. The double insult...susposedly...between the kindred and the Fangs, on the part of Artemis, was solved. The Fangs were told, she scarficed herself to the kindred for a promise of peace.
The last secret her Sire and lover shared with her, before he dissappeared, was that not only was he the leader of his clan, he was the first. With that said he departed on a journey. Later a great Kindred upheavel shattered her world, separting from her the one true love she so craved. She went into hiding, and found Medea lost and alone.

Now she lives in America, within a hidden castle in the great Applichian Mountains. It was an old caern and a Den realm at one time. Now it sleeps beneath the foundations of an old european castle that was transported to America many years ago. The original owner was a mage, and hid it from view. He also got rid of all the records dealing with the land bought and the castle's transportation. It now lives on only in legend.
Brazen Wing has dedicated herself to finding and re-educating all and any Abomonations she can "rescue". Her pack consists of a Black Fury-Theurge-Lupus-Tremere, a Red Talon-Ahroun-Lupus-Nosferatu, a Star Gazer-Philodox-homid-Toreador, and a Bone Gnawer-ragabash-homid-Brujah. They work from the castle to "rescue" any they might find and place them in a safer enviroment. If the abomination is beyound Gaia's Will (ego rating of 4 or less), the pack destroys it.
She has met Giffion and procured a deal with him. Any he finds he send to her, for that she gives him the resources and backing he needs to keep his Den Realm safe. To this end she has met Andrew. His "demon" recognized her as its Childe. She was very shocked and worried, but soon accepted that her long lost love and Sire was only just a shadow. She weeps now and again, but as long as she knows Andrew is safe, so is her Sire. This reason, amoung others, keeps her open-minded to Andrew's cause.
She'd like to have the chance to meet Seb, though, for Giffion's perchance to gab has told her much of this upstart Garou.

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