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Georgia Belle's Cyber Home

Welcome to my home on the web. I have now been a "Cyber Grandma" long enough to feel like a pro. Or at least not a newbie. During Christmas of 1998, I was introduced (kicking and screaming) to the world of computers and cyberspace. I just knew I didn't have a need or desire for a computer. My delinquent children thought otherwise. Guess What! I do enjoy it. It's allowed me to do and see so much more. I am still learning about how much fun it can really be. Instant communications with the world. I can find out what my grandchild across the county is doing, or "talk" to my daughter in a different state. Information at the click of a mouse. New friends to keep in touch with and new interests to fill the days.

With time, I hope to expand my pages to include all the things of interest to me. Of course, I have to include pictures of my children and grandchildren. And somehow, I want to leave a bit of "me" in these pages so that someday, my grandchildren and great-grandchildren can know more about me and the things that were important to me. Perhaps, a sort of diary of my life. A gift to the future generations of my family. And with my newest pages, I want to introduce them to a glance at the past.

Some of my newest pages concern my ancestors and their place in the Civil War. It's hard for me to believe that my "Grandfather, John Starks", actually fought in the war around this same area that I live in. I have always loved "Gone With The Wind", but it seemed strange to find that my Grandfather fought in and around Atlanta, too. In fact, it was there that he was captured.

If my genealogy pages seem a little mixed up, there is a perfectly good reason. Everyone is related to everyone else! You have to understand the history and genealogy of the people of the mountains. There were few choices of mates in the past. It was a normal thing that several brothers in a family married several sisters in another family. Makes it real hard to figure out the relationships sometimes. And with the Southern custom of family naming, it gets really bad.

Please tour my pages and see how I'm doing. Do come again and visit. Friends are always welcome. And if you are related, please let me know so I can add to my family tree.Your comments are always appreciated in my guestbook. Or feel free to email me.


The First Birthday
America Cries
Only Parents Say
Explain GOD
Lessons From My Kids
When I Grow Old
A Guide to Atlanta
Spring is Sprung
The Visitor
Children's Bible Stories
Genealogy & Random Thoughts
A Changing of Seasons
A Taste Of Honey
Alternate Footprints
Stupid Criminals
Deep Thoughts
Semi-Deep Thoughts
Family Secrets
Coconut Cake
Easy Cake Recipe
Gone With The Wind

Family Photos
Family Shots
Going Over Santa's Head
My Mom
Long, Long Ago
My Children, 1980
My Family, 2003
They Never Grow Up
Oldest Son & Family
In Loving Memory
My Brother and Sisters

Genealogy Information
Genealogy's 14 Commandments
John P. Starks
The Stancil Family
The Old Homeplace Of William P. Starks
Mary 'Holly' Hoppis Whisenant
Lewis & Nancy L. Whisenant Starks
Lewis & Jane Sumner Starks
The Wives of William Starks
My Father At 21
My Father, Brothers and I
Edward Ogle
An Older Edward Ogle
My Mother, Brother & Me
1900 Census Table
Miscellaneous Information From Gilmer County
My Family In The Civil War
Descendants of William & Martha Huskey Ogle
1895 Georgia Map
Ogle/Ogles Association

Genealogy Legal Documents
Starks and Whisenant Marriage License
Guardianship Papers
Administrator's Bond
Estate Administrator
Death Certificate, William P. Starks
The Will Of Edward Ogle
Executor Will of Edward Ogle
Will of Samuel Stancil

Emma Starks Lewis
Lee Madison Ogle
Clyde Ownby

Family/Local Cemeteries
Concord Cemetery
Hopewell Cemetery
Frazier's Cemetery
New Hope Cemetery
Bryant Cemetery
Boyd Cemetery

Family And Friends
Southern Comfort
Graham Cracker

Miscellaneous Sites
Chattanooga Weather Radar
Cleveland, Tn Newspaper
Norfolk,Va Newspaper
Chattanooga Newspaper
Knoxville, Tn Newspaper
Newspapers & More Newspapers
Google Search
MiningCo Search
Sewing Links
Special Senior Search
Readers Digest
Southern Living Magazine
Smoky Mountains On The Web
Freeware/Shareware Link
Win95 Plus Packs
Wallpaper & Feel Good Items

TV, Radio, News, Weather & Movies
Intellicast Weather
Touch TMJ4
TV Guide
Ultimate TV
Bigscreen Movie Guide
Mr. Showbiz
World Radio Network

Cool Places
Webaholics Anonymous
All Internet Shopping Directory
Path Finder
Cool Site of the Day
Auto Pilot
PointCast EntryPoint
Funny Bone
Daily Joke
Comic Zone

Miscellaneous Links
Aunt Annie's Craft Page
Links to Stuff
Interesting Links
HotHotHot (Spices)
Master Cook
Fashion Net
Amazon Books
American Philatelic Society
Camp Net
Post Cards from the Net
NetUSA 1
Burpee Seeds
Home Center Web
American Numismatic Association


My goodness. My very first award. I am speechless.


A Wonderful Award From North Of The Border


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