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The YouthLearn Program

- Creating a Ripple of Change -

What the YouthLearn is...
The Community YouthLearn Program is committed to developing the capacities of Asian Pacific American (APA) young people and reconnecting the APA communities for a better sense of leadership and community development through community service.
What YouthLearn Members do...
Members attend the Asian American Studies Workshop series, work as interns in community-based organizations representing the diverse APA comunities in the greater Boston area, and design their own service projects with a total of 300 hours of commitment per year. They focus on the three areas of Learning, Organizing, and Leading.
The Partnership Organizations
CAPAY YouthLearn Members are placed at various community worksites in order to learn and gain experience in organizing, leadership and community outreach. In the past, the YL has worked closely with...

AARW: The Asian American Resource Workshop is a really well-known organization which focuses on helping the Asian American communities in Massachusetts. They have held banquets and sponsored activities in order to help raise awareness about APA Heritage.

Viet-Aid: Viet-AID is a local organization centered in Fields Corner in Dorchester, MA. They work heavily with the local Vietnamese Community in Fields Corner as well as all over the Greater Boston Area. They recently built a new Vietnamese American Community Center and have been involved in reviving the surrounding neighborhoods in Dorchester.

CPA: The Chinese Progressive Association is located in the middle of Chinatown. The organization helps to fight for the rights of the citizens of Chinatown and other Asian Communities. Recently, CPA, along with other organizations, helped to fight against the Liberty Place Project.

MATV: Malden Access Television is the public television station in Malden, MA. They broadcast shows and information to the citizens of the town, which is made up by a large population of Asians. CYL members learn the ins and outs of filming, broadcasting and other helpful skills, which they bring back to CAPAY.


What the YouthLearn is
What YL Members do
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