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~*Dream Cloud*~ Zine

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Volume 1, Issue 1

Sunday, Sept. 1 2002

Editor Note
by: Siberianfiretiger

Hey everyone! Welcome to the new ~*DC*~ Zine! It took a long time but now its finally here! Its better than I thought it would be at first! Apply for any spot in the zine and you could get it!


How do I get my rank highered?
Simply being active in the guild and doing different things will get you DC Points. You can use them to raise your rank or you can use them to get prizes from the DC Points Redeem Shop.

What is this guild about?
This guild is about Final Fantasy. You can find help for any of the game by contacting someone from the Contact List. We also have plenty of contests and other things that are related to Final Fantasy.

What do I get when I join?
You get the support and adoration of fellow members and the time of your life!

Someone's Corner
by Someone

Published on March 26, 2002 - Much more Garfield. Copyright 2001. All Rights Reserved. Universal Press Syndicate webmaster.

Guild Stats As Of September 1, 2002

Page Views: 19955
Members: 17
Messages: 39
Photos: 6
Founded: 06/29/2001

First Page Story
by someone

Apply for this spot for your great story, list of cheats, walkthrough, ect.

Submission Guidelines

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