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The West Lothian Traditional Song Group

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Linlithgow Folk Festival

West Lothian's biggest annual folk event has now been running for two decades. The LFFA organises a range of events, bringing such international stars as Tom Paxton, Eric Bogle, and Ralph McTell to perform in the town, and a a host of equally well-known Scottish performers.

Through a range of other activities organised throughout the year, especially session in local pubs, it offers many opportunities for local singers.

The now annual 'Matt McGinn Nights' are always a roaring success, and Sangschule members have been among the numerous performers of the works of Scotland's other national bard!

Scottish Community Song Groups

Although no longer actively operating as a directory of singing groups in Scotland, this website, run by a Sangschule member, provides advice on how to find out about the location and activities of other groups which operate in the same way as Sangschule.

Almond Valley Folk Club, West Calder

West Lothian's only folk club, AVFC meets on the third Tuesday of every month in the Railway Inn, Main Street, West Calder. With a mixture of three or four guest nights a year combined with session nights, it attracts vistors not just from West Lothian but also from neighbouring areas.

More details on the West Lothian Council website, or search Facebook for Almond Valley Folk Club.

West_Lothian Council

While our local council has less of a role in directly organising music events than in the past, West Lothian Council's website gives information about all sorts of musical and other activities in West Lothian.

Scottish Language Dictionaries

Christine Robinson of Scottish Language Dictionaries (a not-for-profit organisation) has visited Sangschule on a number of occasions to discuss the Scots Language - fascinating information, which enhances our understanding of the songs we sing. We would recommend this website for anyone interested in the past, present and future use of the Scots tongue.

TMSA - The Traditional Music & Song Association of Scotland

The TMSA helps foster and promote Scotland's unique musical traditions. It arranges events, co-ordinates support to local organisations and events, and is a wonderful source of information about what is happening and where!

It carries out much of its work through local groups such as the TMSA Edinburgh and Lothians Branch<, which organises events in West Lothian such as the 'Muckle Sing'

Home page

Programme of sessions

A brief history of Sangschule