ARCHIVES:  November 1-7, 2004

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November 7, 2004 - Sunday

Funny Ad

A friend sent this picture (thanks J.C.).

My husband came back from a business trip to Germany and told us how they allow their pets to go everywhere. People bring their dogs into stores and restaurants - all over the place.

Germany was an interesting place, he said. I had sent a camera with him and he took  photos along the beautiful Rhine River. (If anybody wants me to post a few, I will.) Southern Germany is picturesque -- much history, old churches, statues and buildings. He said the food was very, very good.

Richard also spent enjoyable time in Switzerland. He traveled to the top of Mount Rigi and walked all the way down. He has ancestors from there, so it was fitting (the famous Wampler Sausage folks). Better yet, he brought home some real Swiss chocolates.

I have never been to Europe although I hope to go someday. The only foreign country I have been to is Mexico. Have any of you traveled much?


November 6, 2004 - Saturday

First Frost Last Night

Our area received a spotty covering of the first season's frost last night. When I stepped outside to walk, the air smelled of many fireplaces in use. After I got home and cleaned up, my husband was seated at the computer in the next room where I could not see him. I asked him if he was warm. (Having just showered, I was freezing.) He shouted back, "I am managing."

I walked out to find him like this! No doubt about it, now is the time to switch from air conditioning to heat. (Our cat is no fool, he was like this in the same cold house.)


November 5, 2004 - Friday

The Incredibles

We saw "The Incredibles" today. It came with a cute cartoon starring a sheep who was sad after he had been sheared (enjoyed the cartoon a lot). "The Incredibles" is about a family with super powers trying to live a normal life. My husband loved it. Critics love it. They are even talking Academy Award with this one.

As for me, I liked it fine. It had several cute moments, but I did not enjoy it quite as much as Finding Nemo or Monsters Inc. I think the constant family bickering: the whining teenager, the nagging mother, the sneaky moonlighting father, and the kid pulling pranks on his teacher, slightly annoyed me while my husband thought it was endearing and typical. Some scenes were boring (to me - my husband was delighted). Still, it is worth the cost and I expect most people will not agree with me about the boring parts. The ending was very exciting. I liked the little kid on the tricycle who kept stopping by the house -- funny.

This movie is supposed to come with a preview for the next episode of Star Wars. Since we went to the first showing in that particular theater room, the staff forgot to run the trailer. For a while, we didn't even have sound. Movie problems happen more often these days, it seems.

Too bad for them because an inspector for a consortium of major movie companies (like Paramount, etc.) was there, evaluating the previews, recording what was shown, getting audience reaction, etc. I had a chance to talk with her -- very interesting job. I trust she will report that they did not show the Star Wars trailer like they were supposed to. So there. (I saw it later online but not with the powerful effect that a big screen has, alas.)



November 4, 2004 - Thursday

Going to See "The Incredibles"

We are going to the movies tomorrow. This little movie made by the "Finding Nemo" creators is getting superb, nearly perfect reviews. Some critics are already muttering Academy Award.

I thought the Toy Story movies, Monsters Inc. and Finding Nemo were good. I can't wait to see the one that comes up next.


November 3, 2004 - Wednesday

Election is Over

I am glad the whole thing is over. I hope the next four years will be better. I watched a little dig to bloggers from Dan Rather He just said on tonight's news that exit polls are notoriously incorrect and this should be a lesson to "Internet bloggers."

I suppose Dan has a reason for disliking bloggers after his little brush with the truth. I don't feel sorry for him at all. I think the networks are a embarrassed about quoting those exit polls themselves.


November 2, 2004 - Tuesday

Favorite MoBlogs

I just created a new page with thumbnails of the most recent images from others who also keep TextAmerica moblogs. The images will always be updated with the latest photo they have posted.

It takes the page a while to load, but I can use it to check on everyone at once and see what is new by going to only one page. Page loading has speeded up for me since I discovered that Comcast offers a higher cable modem connection than what they were giving me before.

I love to take pictures and practice using Photoshop. Several photos are uploaded to my site daily. Many of these other folks do, too. I have even more incentive since I bought my new Canon camera (20D). It's the best one of its kind out here right now. The reviews have been fantastic. Here's one of the first photos I took with it.


November 1, 2004 - Monday

Brussels Sprouts ... or Not

My husband bought Brussels Sprouts to grow in a fall/winter garden. They can stand the winter cold and, in fact, taste better after being in cold weather. We have picked them in January before. When the plants got bigger, he walked over and took a good look at them. This is what he found --> Brussels Sprouts.

They all look the same to me when the plants are little. I think I am going to make soup tonight.