ARCHIVES:  October 16-23, 2004

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October 23, 2004 - Saturday

Photographing Fall's Beginnings

I took my camera outside today and walked along the creek. Fall is not peaking yet, but color is finally coming into the area. It seems like most things have been green or brown with only the barest hint of red so far. I found spots of color, though. Outside photography is at its best in the fall.


To view the photos, click here and then follow each one by clicking on "<-- Newer Photo" just above the image. I started when there was barely any daylight. That first picture in the hyperlink is my favorite one of the group. The second favorite is this one (pictured here) last in the series of about 2 dozen images.


October 22, 2004 - Friday

Here's another gem I found on EyeQ's site. It shows how many users are currently at your site. I used one of these-type things years ago, but it started slowing down the site. I had to remove it. This one claims to be "fast." See (duh!). It might work. Ta-da! Here's how many people are reading this blog right now --> online. Astounding, isn't it?

Do you have a large file that is too big to send to someone in e-mail? is a service where you can upload the file. They keep it for seven days. You send the resulting link for the file to the person who needs to receive it. They can then go to the site and download it. This gets around e-mail size requirements every mail service has.

Of course, those of us with our own web space can do this on our own, but YouSendIt is handy if you don't own any webspace and you want to make it easy for the receiver. Do the site owners read files stored on their service? Maybe, so don't upload anything you don't mind them reading, too. (Thanks to for this link.)

EyeQ invited me to join, a nice little free service. There's a kazillion moods to use, buddy lists and a little web page indicator so you know how I feel at any time. Today, I feel --> The current mood of Terry at Check back later today or tomorrow for a different mood. As long as this does not slow down page loading enough to notice, I want to keep it. I put this on my main home, at the bottom of my main photo blog and Extras/Weather page. Click on the icon for a message. (If I feel bad, be sure to send presents. Money is good.)

This is fun for those who spend much time online and have several friends. I like it and was easy and simple to navigate.I know all of you out there must hang on my every mood. Menopause is not that many years away so my moods might change quickly.


High Resolution

I am running in 1920 by 1440,  75 mhz mode on this NEC FE2111sb monitor. Wow, I love it! It took a little time to get used to the high setting, but the more I use it, the more I appreciate it - such as having the extra space on my taskbar at the bottom of the screen and seeing more of a page without scrolling.

It developed a problem after a few days of use. Seven vertical lines appeared near the middle of the screen. It already had the 2 thin lines that Trinitron-type monitors have. Those are barely noticeable, only a small price to pay for extra clear images, but the seven lines were downright annoying. Fortunately, those extra lines disappeared after a few more days of use. Maybe it was some kind of burn-in.


October 21, 2004 - Thursday

Thanks to Jack, I found this cute clock from Different colors and styles are available. It's free. I want to find a home for it on one of my sites inspite of the constant battle between cute and fast-loading.

My experience in reaching to another site is that the other site will eventually have problems and slow down the loading of the whole page for everyone's page that links to it. This happens sooner or later.

Anyway, I love this clock. It is loading fast enough for now. (This is in Central Time.) I like the fade-in effect when the mouse passes over it.



Garbage Can Surprise

Today was garbage day. Our can sat by the street. The garbage truck came. The can was emptied. While this happened, I went out shopping and when I came home I grabbed the mail and the garbage can to haul back to the house - just routine stuff someone does without thinking. I was busy looking at the mail, paying no attention to the garbage can on this warm, sunny day.

Suddenly, my hand tingled. I glanced down. It was covered in ants! So was my arm. In just the few seconds it took to haul the can halfway up the driveway, ants had swarmed over me. We have a lot of fire ants around here -- even in our yard. I've seen some mounds along the sidewalk around the corner, too.

I brushed off the ants and took a good look -- just plain little black ants, fortunately, and no bites. Do ant bites on top of skin covered with poison ivy cancel each other out? I didn't want to learn this firsthand, though. Whew.

It was probably revenge for all the times I messed up ant piles when I was a kid. The ants would swarm over me and my friends, then too. I was only 5 or 6 years old, but I was determined to mess up an ant pile without getting swarmed so I kept trying to do it faster. I was going into the big field across the street to find the largest ant colonies around. I never did succeed in escaping them while leaving a thoroughly messed up mound. Mom probably got tired of hosing me off and throwing me in the bathtub. I can still see the ants floating in the water. The ants won. I never did succeed in my goal. Good thing we didn't have fire ants back then.


October 20, 2004 - Wednesday

Happy Cat

My daughter dropped by today. Our cats have never forgotten her and vie for her attention when she is here. Today, Muddy got her to open the window. He likes to be petted when he sits at this window. I guess it is the perfect life for a cat -- a window to watch the birds, a warm patch of sunlight and your own personal masseuse. He was in cat heaven. It almost looks like he is smiling in this photo. (Click to enlarge.)


October 19, 2004 - Tuesday

Another What Color are You

I am green again in this quiz. It's my husband's favorite color so this is just as well. Actually, he looks pretty good in green clothes since his eyes are green. Although I think I am the opposite of this description.


You are a very calm and contemplative person. Others are drawn to your peaceful, nurturing nature.

Find out your color at Quiz Me!



Turn Them All Off

Love one of today's entries at -- they show a small keychain remote that turns off ALL the televisions in a house. That's all it does -- just turns off TVs - any kind - a must for every keychain. I hate the TV in the waiting room at our car dealer's place. It's always tuned to a show I can't stand. I suspect nearly everyone else in the waiting room would like it off rather than watch Jerry Springer.


October 18, 2004 - Monday

This site was being highly praised on TV, so much so, that I took a look at It's great -- with news about the latest gadgets around from phones to LCD monitors to routers to the newest cameras along with a touch of commentary. Love this, bookmarked it and will come back often.

For example, read about Casio's "gaudy" new camera as EnGadget describes it. (Click on the image to get their 2 cents' worth.) Inspite of being gaudy, the review is positive. Now I want one. This site is too expensive to visit. I want one of everything there.



October 17, 2004 - Sunday

Free Referral Lister

Found an interesting referral counter at and am testing it out. I think I will keep this on the main page if it does not slow down page loading. It should show where you came from to get here. I'd rather have the code on my own site (the js file) but this might work out. I never could learn how to write my own referral program.



(Note: After using this for several hours, it credits the site itself too much and is slowing things down a little (darn, I wish I could find a decent script for this). I came in from Google, from other sites, using Mozilla, etc., and it credited all of those entrances as coming from the site itself, then somehow listed the home page twice. Maybe it knows my isp and refused to be fooled or maybe it is not that accurate. Anyway, I am flattered to have a visitor from Yahoo Italy.)



Dangerous Leaves

Fall color has not really arrived here. There are spots of color, though, like in this sumac leaf. Seeing pictures that friends were sending full of beautiful color, I was determined to find some myself.

I did not go deep into the woods, but stayed along the street and walking trails. Still, I remember one leaf brushing my shoulder. It was only a slight touch.

It was the wrong leaf to brush against. I broke out in itchy bumps along my shoulder, back and chest. Having had poison ivy a few times, I am more suseptible than I realized. Its amazing how this stuff can spread and keep spreading - just from a very slight touch. (To see this enlarged and other related photos, click on the photo itself and click on "Older Photo -->" a few times.)


October 16, 2004 - Saturday

Wedding Photos

Wedding expenses never cease it seems, but for a good reason. The photo proofs from our photographer are in! Yay! I want an 8 by 10 of everything - ha! I need more wall space. We will have to build another house just to hold the photos.

This is a picture of Jenny and Jonathan with his family. The two cute girls in front on the left and right are the children of his brother. Then, from left to right, his grandfather, brother, brother's wife, bride, groom, his mother, father and grandmother.

With the photographer's  permission, I can share this proof. The photographer is located at and prints of this and other images can be ordered through her (or click on the image to go to her site). A 4 by 6 final print (this is just a proof pictured here and not the final image) is $6.