ARCHIVES:  November 1-7, 2005

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November 7, 2005 - Monday

Jib-Jab Pokes Fun at Wal-Mart

I like the lower prices at Wal-Mart and go there at least once a week, but I also had to laugh at the newest video from Jib-Jab (an ad runs before the video starts). They make a good point. No wonder that Wal-Mart has hired a top publicity team to improve their image!



November 6, 2005 - Sunday

Animated GIFs & the Weather

My avatar is blinking here while the wings are moving and she is shifting position -- it all looks pretty realistic although I think the wings interfere with the overall effect. I am learning much about animating -- so fun.

On another subject, a friend told me that the Farmer's Almanac predicted a colder-than-usual winter. So far, we've had an Indian summer. I wish we had a real fall around here. The color is right, but the warmer temperatures make it feel more like summer -- and I would love to be wearing soft comfortable sweatshirts right now.



November 5, 2005 - Saturday

Printing Photos

Printing photos is so easy these days. I remember when you would take a roll of film, either 12 or 24 pictures could be made, then you dropped off the roll at the local store and waited a week or days. It seemd like forever, then you would get your prints and some of them would be over exposed and blurred.

Whew -- those days have changed! Twenty-five years ago, I bought an SLR Pentax-clone from Sears. Now, I am hooked on digital. When I got my first digital camera, it was still a novelty and conversation piece. It was an old Epson one and put a red cast over the picture, easily removed with Photoshop-type programs. What an age we live in! I am glad to be alive to see the changes going on and be able to take photos without worry about developing expense.

I was just in Sams where I saw a sign for 13 cents a print. The cost of gas may be high, but the cost of getting photos printed is way down.


(P.S. Here's my avatar today. I feel like a kid playing dolls again online, but even more fun is Photoshopping them into little animations and icons.)



November 4, 2005 - Friday

Strange Experience this Morning

I was out for a morning walk right after dawn today. While I have friends that I walk with, I was alone at the time. I came to a little cement classroom-type place with a teacher's table in the middle - a kind of lecture table.


I could not believe what I saw on it. A body was laid out across the table, legs hanging. It looked so strange that I thought it was a dead body or a body stuffed to look dead. (It was a little hard to tell from the distance I kept.)


I shouted, "Are you okay?" Nothing. I was beginning to dread the worse. I whipped out my cell phone and moved a little closer (still keeping a good distance and ready to run). I repeated my question only much louder. No response again.


By that time, I realized this was a real body. Even if it was a joke, I thought I would report it to 911 and let them decide how to handle it.


As I pressed the first number, the person on the table lifted his head. I almost jumped. It was a very tall man who had been deeply asleep. He had a clear voice and did not seem drunk or stoned when he sheepishly told me, "My wife kicked me out of the house last night."


I don't know where to believe him or not, but at least he did not appear ill or drunk. I told him that I was just concerned and I left. Sometime later, and with friends, I came back to this spot. He had left. This was what he had slept so deeply on, though.



November 3, 2005 - Thursday

Today I Washed My Sister's Hair

Okay, so it was only a virtual shampoo, but her hair looked mighty good when we were done. We were chatting all the time in different scenes and found many places we could sit in the IMVU beauty salon.

I have wings. I always wanted to fly. In fact, it is my most common reoccurring dream - ever since I watched "The Flying Nun." I've also wondered what it would be like to have black hair. I guess I am in a Morticia mood over there.

Then again, maybe we need to start a society for "winged people." We are in a definite minority, not to mention "cat people." (And maybe I've been reading too many Xanth novels.)

Some people design their avatars to mimic their real appearance and others take off on flights of fancy.



November 2, 2005 - Wednesday

My Halloween Costume

I did some virtual trick-or-treating last Halloween. (The chocolate was plentiful and had no calories in it. In fact, no IMVU food has calories - that is why I am so thin.) I wish I could fit into clothes like these, even if I would only wear them in cyberspace. Ha ha!



November 1, 2005 - Tuesday

Broccoli Salad Recipe

A friend saw my soup recipe and gave me his recipe for broccoli salad. He swears it is wonderful. This sounds good. I plan to make it. Thanks, w|e|s. (The text below was written by w|e|s.)


Broccoli Salad

By w|e|s

1T Garlic Salt
1T Salt
1T Accent (We cut this in half in the version you had.)
1T Sugar
1T Dill Weed or Seed (We used fresh dill in the version you had)
1 Cup Apple Cider Vinegar (MUST be Apple Cider Vinegar, it does not taste right if not)
1 Cup Vegetable Oil
3 lbs. Broccoli

Wisk together first seven ingredients to combine then pour over cut broccoli and toss, Refrigerate to marinade a couple of hours or overnight