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Example of Photographic Documentation of a Mill, Black & White Photos of the Machinery of Diller-Heishman's Mill, Carlisle, Pennsylvania, Photo #16.

Photo Number 16, Elevating flour dresser.
Wolf Company, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.

Photo Information and Machinery Documentation

Photo Number: #16.
Floor Number-Item Numbers: 3/5. (See: Floor Level 3. Third Floor Plan)
Items in Photo: Elevating flour dresser.
Provenance - Manufacturer (if known): Wolf Company, Chambersburg, Pennsylvania.
Dimensions, Yield, Capacity, Output, and Additional Information: (Not available at this time).
Catalog Documentation: "Flour Mill Machinery (Corn, Feed, Cereal, and Alfalfa), Flour, Corn, Cereal, and Feed Mill Machinery, Complete Accessories, The Wolf Company (Established 1879, "Complete Modern Mill Builders and Engineers"), Chambersburg, Pennsylvania. U. S. A., 1922.

The Round Reel.

Wolf Spiderless Round Reel
(Wolf Elevating flour dresser)

Here is the most satisfactory Flour Redresser on the market. Any coarse granules of link, strings, etc., are tailed off, but the real value to the flour is in the thoro mixing, blending and aerating.

The Wolf Spiderless Round Reel has been designed to rebolt, blend, and aerate flour, cereals, and similar products. From its construction it is admirable adapted to this specific use. The inter-elevating buckets or propellers assure a regular, even distribution of the stock. The absence of spiders gives no chance for collecting lint or fibrous parts from the stock. There is a long life to the cloth because it wears evenly over its entire length and operates at low speed.

The slatted doors have an inside, high grade muslin lining which admits air but prevents dust particles from entering into the stock. Thus the aeration is a sanitary process.

The cloth is kept clean by a revolving brush from the reel shaft and is adjustable from the outside. Thus any degree of wiping pressure may be acquired.

The reel proper is set in heavy beams supported by pillow blocks, either plain or with ball bearings.

The Wolf Spiderless Round Reel is built with single or double conveyors. When two conveyors are used, a series of tripping valves are placed the entire length which makes it easy to turn the stock into either conveyor at any point. The conveyors are fitted with reversible wood flights, spiral steel conveyor, or Wolf Reversible steel flights.

The Wolf Spiderless Round Reel is built in the strongest manner - from the best material obtainable, and by skilled workmen. A slow, smooth, light running reel; durable, efficient, and requires so little attention yet producing wonderfully satisfactory results. Its large capacity, free bolting, gentile handling, good aeration and the small amount of power required, make this reel a favorite as a flour redresser.

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