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In Memoriam.

In Memoriam.

The Dead Travel Fast.

The dead travel fast; the dead ride quick; the dead pass swiftly; the dead drive fast...All in all, the dead aren't slow...

"One of my companions whispered to another the line from Burger's 'Lenore:' - "'Denn die Todten reiten Schnell.' ("For the dead travel fast.") The strange driver evidently heard the words, for he looked up with a gleaming smile." In Chapter I of Dracula, Bram Stoker writes in Jonathan Harker's Journal.-- Dracula, by Bram Stoker, 1897.

Is this their only Epitaph?  List of People I have known, or who has some association with the place in which I worked. It you have any comments to leave, photographs, etc., please e-mail me. Thanks.

Robert Batte (born: 02 March 1925, died: August 1982).

John Blake Campell (born: 1890, died: 25 October 1987).

Manus "Jack" Fish, Jr. (born: 20 October, died: 27 February 2010).

John S. Fitz (born: 22 December 1881, died: September 1965).

Paul G. Graves (born: 27 February 1918, died: 03 December 2001).

Arthur Henry Sr. Not Listed in the Social Security Death Index. (80 years, 3 days old)

Benton "Ben" Thomas Hickok (born: 19 February 1913, died: 23 January 2011)

Elizabeth Nadine (Wilson) Hickok (born: 1917, died: 29 July 2009)

Charles Howell (born: 07 January 1926, died: 13 March 1993).

Earl Hunt (born: 08 January 1905, died: July 1985).

Charles Joint (born: 27 August 1903, died: October 1984).

Robert Little (born: 09 January 1883, died: March 1965).

Bradford McGuire (born: 1928, died 1997). Not Listed in the Social Security Death Index.

Emily Barton (Hall) McGuire (born: 1927, died 10 May 1990). Not Listed in the Social Security Death Index. 

John B. Melford (born: 13 September 1922, died: 14 May 2004).

Florence Melford (born: 13 March 1924, died: 24 Febuary 2000).

Clarence "Red" Moffat. (died: 6 May 1985) Not Listed in the Social Security Death Index.

Grace E. Moffat (born: 23 May 1897, died: April 1976).

Harry Nelson Moffat (born: 19 November 1894, died: 11 July 1983).

Linda Rae (Wilson) Mooskin (born: 22 November 1942, died: 22 June 1998).

Charlie Parnell (born: 17 December 1918, died 25 March 2007).

Clark C. Portter.  Not Listed in the Social Security Death Index.

Edna Marion (Nicholl) Rawson (born: 24 June 1878, died: 4 December 1956).

Tom Rick.  Not Listed in the Social Security Death Index.

Paul W. Roth (born: 22 Feburary 1914, died: March 1987).

Stephen George Strach (born: 31 May 1949, died: 03 October 2005).

Raymond B. Watt (born: 15 October 1893, died: September 1970).

Dr. Harry Bischoff Weiss (born: 31 October 1883, died: 4 July 1972).

Lloyd A. Wiley (born: 22 May 1937, died: 20 November 2006).

Donald C. Wisensale
(born: 24 October 1911, died: 26 August 2002).

John C. Wolf.  Not Listed in the Social Security Death Index.

Edward Zessinger (born: 1 May 1922, died: March 1986).

Charles L. Zortman, Jr. (born: 31 May 1919, died: 21 May 1996).

My Computer only contains the Social Security Numbers and Identities of Dead People.

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