Lair of Graven Images: Ireland to Wyoming, 1984-1988

Well, you learn something new everyday.

Up until today (January 11, 2002), I knew nothing whatever about scanning and uploading photos. I thought I simply MUST have a $500 digital camera to go wild with. Imagine my surprise, then, when I took some old photos from the Irish Studies trip and my first archaeological dig (Rock Springs, Wyoming, Fall of 1988) into Ave Copy in the U-District, and came out with all five photos scanned and saved on an ordinary disk! I never knew one could do that!! Why haven't I done this a long time ago?! [swinging foot backwards toward own posterior]. Oh, well, I'd still better learn to use a scanner and some sort of software to upload my own images soon; I can't afford to do this full-service copy shop thing too often. Barring any uploading catastrophe, here are the first five scanned images for you! Enjoy, LairCronies all!!

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Portal Tomb, Carrowmore Neolithic Complex, Sligo, Rep. of Ireland

Taken on a cold, wet, blustery day in March 1985 in a farmer's field outside Sligo town. These were the worst possible conditions for taking pictures, never mind that local farmers had picked that day to lime their fields. The pictures that came out at all, however, were not too bad. This was the best of the dolmen shots.

Charlie: Frederick, Maryland, December 1985

Charlie, my precious friend and catchild (1974-1987), one of the most beautiful cats ever to walk the earth, recovering at home over the holidays from a severe bite to his right front paw.

Mountain outside Lucerne, Switzerland: taken May 19, 1985.

A potential debut album cover shot, taken on a driving tour outside of Lucerne, right after I arrived in Switzerland at the end of my second Irish Studies term in May 1985.

Mountain Range outside Lucerne, Switzerland.

Another potential album cover, taken of mountain ranges outside Lucerne, Switzerland, on May 19, 1985.

Desert outside Granger, Lincoln County, Wyoming.

Taken during the LairMistress's first contract archaeology experience, working as a staff member for the Contract Archaeology Office of Western Wyoming College, Rock Springs, Wyoming in the fall of 1988.

All photographs and captions by Karen I. Olsen.


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